Whats the coolest thing you've EVER seen?

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  1. i worked in a level 1 truama center hospital. one time a dude came in with a head injury that caused his intracranial pressure to sky rocket. the neurosurgeon did the operation right there in the trauma room and i was his assistant. it was crazy to hear a skull pop.

  2. I had a dollar like that too back in high school I used it for lunch money :cool:, coolest thing I seen was Times Square at night or some strawberry caugh I had, it had a pinkish/blueish tint to it
  3. Two things:

    XB-70 Valkyrie Bomber, a badass HUGE supersonic high altitude nuclear bomber that never went into full scale production, only one left in existence is at Wright Patterson AFB in one of their old R&D hangers.

    Me fucking my cute as fuck (now ex:() latina GF for mine and hers first time. First time i got deepthroat, first fuck, and first creampie all in one glorious June afternoon (my brother in law got me a couple of the the morning after pill, good guy:))
  4. when i was about 10 i was at my grandparents house and they had this big ass property on the top of a hill looking over a river. they had this huge ass 100 year old tree dead center on the property at the top of the hill, the only tree in the middle of the lawn (rest were along the edges where the road was)

    one day in the summer theres a big ass rain storm, out of nowhere, this big ass tree gets struck by lightning and literally explodes. it was split right down the middle into 2 pieces, tree branches and bark and shit flying everywhere, and both pieces just dropped at the same time onto the grass.

    it was fucking crazy

  5. Thats cool man, lightning is crazy.

    My dad told me that once when he was driving to work at like 5:30am he saw a goose fly into electrical wires and burst into flames.
  6. carl sagan as shit dude. props.

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