Whats the coolest thing you've EVER seen?

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  1. My daughter being born. Watching her come out was something I'll never forget.
  2. Oh thats tough... Probably a similar meteor experience. Outside with my bro jumping our bikes as darkness set in we had only our neighbors garage light. The everything lit up like lightning and startled me, and my bro and i looked up and saw it streak and disappear. From my recollection appeared the size of the moon in the sky. Aside from that, being less than 6ft from a wild grizzly bear in Alaska. It was on the Kenai river when all the salmon were dying. I saw one female with 2 cubs and also a smaller male. They were so captivated by the fish they seemed oblivious to us. I actually have pix and vid of that event. We were near them for hours and when we left i felt the adrenaline dump big time. Amazing experience! Some of my fondest memories of my 25years were my 2weeks in alaska. Also watching the f22 raptors do a demo at rockford airfest was sick.

  3. I knew it I always wanted to go there for some reason
  4. Me and my friends where having a good old popov party on a local golf corse, we had it perfectly planned because that night was supposed to be a meteor shower and the nearest light or people where at the club, we where as far away as possible, on my way out the door I happen to find some unmentionables in my room so I disposed of them..with a gulp of water. Anyways, me and my friend got there at about nine and fairly buzzed too and at that time I started tripping and saw amazing things in the sky, the whole universe was in Hd right in front of my eyes, every star had its own symmetry making each different. I could see pictures form and show me beautiful shapes and objects that could only be from somewhere else in the universe. At about 11 we where going to head home at 12 so we just did what fucked up teens did until me and my friend heard a LOUD bang and "saw a huge fast silver streak go across the sky leaving a huge tail that kind of dissolved away after the front was gone..." those are the words of one of the girls that had drank the least. When I heard the bang I don't know how but I went backwards about five feet Onto my back, what I saw was this almost dragon looking thing with silver and blue growing in it and leaving a tail of colors and all the stars where distorting like gas fumes do if you look through it. Truly one of the most mind twisting amazing thing I've EVER seen
  5. Aurora borealis.

    Outta this world man.
  6. Some cool shit would be to see a dude take a shot of live spiders hahaha
  7. Keep an eye out for a YouTube link sometime in the future, you might get to see it ;)
  8. [quote name='"ghostonvacation"']hahah online I saw this chick hogtied naked to a ceiling fan then they turned it on and she started to piss on a bunch of people it was pretty cool[/quote]

    This is awesome.
  9. That video someone posted somewhere on gc of the 'iss time lapse of earth' was probably one of the coolest things ive ever seen if that counts. The aurora from that perspective is insane
  10. Prague the whole city everything about it fucking awesome
  11. I thought you were saying "Plague the whole city..." With a chinese accent. Prague the whole shitty! God damn mongorians!
  12. I once saw 6 or 7 Mormons all hop out of a black minivan around midnight trying to convert some kids at a park. That was pretty cool.
  13. Ditto! I saw an angel once too.
  14. probably when i was about 16 years old my friend gave some really shitty low grade stuff, not gonna say what it was but it's a psychedelic that is legal in some states

    i didnt smoke it properly, just wanted to try it so bad so i put it on an aluminum can and started inhaling parts at a time. for the 2 minutes it lasted, it felt like something was inside of my body and i was pretty lightheaded. i looked outside my window in the spring and saw the tree in my backyard consist of a pattern of "tree torso men" who were swinging in unison in the branches. it was fucking beautiful

    i've never had any other hallucinogenic experience in my life since then. it was pretty cool because it didnt last long but it was very interesting
  15. I was at kitt peak in the 4 meter telescope, the biggest-mirrored telescope on the whole fucking mountain--and in astromomy, size matters.
    I was helping to do infrared observations on a type 1a supernova (which are made when a small white dwarf star comes in contact with a bunch of hydrogen, enough to start fusion up again and explodes). And through this telescope, I could see it. On the tripple computer screens in the observation room, I could see the images as they were being created.

    And I was just like wow. this is happening (actually happened. hundreds of years ago. BECAUSE THAT"S HOW LONG IT TOOK LIGHT ITSELF TO GET HERE FROM THERE) somewhere across the galaxy. We're looking at an event--a cataclysim bigger than anything even old testament god could have pulled out of his wacky disaster ideabox--and we can see it. We're in just the right combination of space and time and technology level to be able to see it, and there it is. This is something nobody has ever seen before. this instant of this supernova.

    I could climb up to the actual apparatus of the telescope--I'd had to do it earlier that night, to help fill the dour with liquid nitrogen to cool the image capturing CCDs--and I could look up from beside the gargantuan mirror, and stare up into the sky in the direction of its focus. And I would never have known what beauty I couldn't see alone.

    There is great beauty in just the night sky. But so much more in fucking science as it's being done, about the night sky. Shit just blows my fucking mind.

    Space, Space, gotta love space.
  16. That would be awesome i love that shit
  17. I got to watch a team of surgeons from The University of Pittsburg harvest organs from a brain dead man in Puerto Rico. I can't say how interesting it was to watch the process standing next to the doctors. Took longer than I expected just to prep the body, then flatline the heart to remove.
  18. Holy. Fuck. Hahahaha
  19. i know a nurse and i was invited to go to the hospital where she works as an xray technician this one night.. at around midnight. because two years ago the head honchos at a particular museum in the province of quebec 'borrowed' these gazillion year old bones of... woolly mammoths and dinosaurs and idk i dont really remember but then they ran them through a CT scan. stoned at around midnight, i stood huddled in a very small windowed room outside the machine with some pretty intelligent and relatively high profile people and i didn't really know what everything meant of course, but whatever they were seeing really fascinated them. and they kept making me swear i'd never tell but look at me now posting this shit.

  20. Any idea what they were seeing man?

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