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Whats the coolest thing you've EVER seen?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Rolling greens, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Hey blades! :hello:

    Title says it all guys, whats the coolest thing you've ever seen?
  2. Do you mean in reality or something on the internet/tv?
  3. Well technically i didn't actually see it but i "saw" it if ya know what i mean?
  4. hahah online I saw this chick hogtied naked to a ceiling fan then they turned it on and she started to piss on a bunch of people it was pretty cool
  5. Aight I got y'all
    This one time I was fishing with a friend of mine on a small northern u.s. lake, I was probably 14 at the time and wasn't doing any drugs so what I saw was natural phenomena and blew my mind. I don't know what its called but I saw a typhoon. Casting the shoreline on a calm evening with very little chop, I thought I saw ducks landing into the shoreline. When I turned I saw a small maybe 3 foot tall cyclone of water splashing across the surface and up to the shore until it stopped and the water splashed back down
  6. The Grand Canyon.....highly recommend it...
  7. When I look in the mirror

    Seriously though lightning hitting a lake
  8. mt mckinley or a sunrise i saw a year ago that was exactly like the jap flag rising sun

  9. yah reminds me when i was 150 yards away from a lightning strike on a tree, when i was leaving loud, was cool because the place that it hit, it looked like a ball of lightning....some shit you see in movies and video games :p

    other than that i'm not sure:eek:
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  11. The first time i saw the back of a dollar bill that read "bONEr". That was fuckin awesome.
  12. There was a huge snowstorm in chicago a couple years back. I'm not talking 1ft of snow, I'm talking 3ft minimum.

    My dogs needed to take a dump so I went outside while it was storming and it was like the the apocalypse.

    You couldn't see no more than ten feet in front of you and the cars that were actually driving we're probably going less than 10mph. I was walking as fast as them.

    It was crazy
  13. All the shit i saw driving across the country..grand canyon, painted desert, the cadillac graveyard, arches in utah, ect
  14. RL: some kinda meteorite entering the atmosphere when I was camping. I saw a 'shooting star' and it kept going long enough thatI said 'wow look at that' and my group of friends had enough time to turn and look at it and watch it for a few more traveled about 1/3 of the way across the horizon...lasting probably 5-10 seconds....finally going behind some clouds and making a bright blue flash almost like lightning.

    Web: On the show superhumans....when that samurai guy cut that bb in half with a sword...and bob munden's quickdraw on that show. ...whenever I feel like I'm facing something I can't do, I just watch those videos for inspiration..
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    da 1st tym my grrl brought her big ol' titties out. Srs, doze shits is huge.

    Nah. I saw a comet about a month or two ago, it was so close you could see the trail of light behind it going for ages, and it eventually just disappeared.

    EDIT: Shiiiit, I take back what I said, fuck my girls tits, fuck comets, THIS is the coolest thing I've ever saw.


  16. Hahaha thats hillarious.
    I work at a gas station and see those all the time.
  17. At this point and time, tumblr.

  18. All this. If you haven't been to the midwest/grand canyon you haven't lived.
  19. I couldn't say this is the absolute coolest, but when I was about 12 or so me and my buddy got the genius idea to make a flamethrower.

    How do two 12 year olds make a flamethrower you ask? A supersoaker full of gasoline. We got it filled up, wet the tip, lit it and started shooting motherfucking flames! Shit was sooo fucking cool man, except the dumbass shot it in his backyard and it burnt a bunch of his grass.

    He started digging up all the burnt parts while I was sitting there cracking up with his older sister and her friends. He tried putting grass seeds and shit in the dirt like it was going to grow before his parents got home. It was fucking hilarious man.

    In the end he told his parents he was "trying to make a bike ramp" and didn't get in trouble for diggin up the yard. Yeah probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

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