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Whats the cleanest/easiest way to transfer bud from grinder to paper?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JJmatix, May 3, 2011.

  1. Its a bitch pouring out nicely ground bud which is nearly looking like kief on my desk then haivng to pick it up with my sweaty fingers so not even half gets put into the exxagerating but not really
  2. If you grinder has a kief catcher, and that itself has one of those little plastic spatulas to pick it up, you can use that to take out bud too.

    You can also tilt your grinder a bit and just move the bud off of it with the same spatula.
  3. how can a spatula even fit into a grinder when there are spikes in the way
  4. I have this card with a weed leaf on it that i folded in half haha, its perfect. if you want something easy and quick, grab a pack of gum and just rip it so the thinnest side is the bottom and it has 2 folds in it, \_/ like that lol
  5. get a piece of paper place of top of a table, get your grinder, grind your weed, turn grinder over, in a fast fluent moment hit the paper hard so the grinder is perfectly upside down so from \_/ to /-\ you get my point lift it up slowly and appreciate the pile of weed in a circuler shape, if u realy dont wana touch it get a tea spoon, or a piece of card.
  6. Agreed, just use a regular piece of printer paper. If you have something that is laminated or glossy it is even better
  7. I just take pinches between my thumb and index finger and sprinkle it like pepper or something...
  8. What's always worked for me is a piece of paper folded up into a v, or a magazine.

  9. Folded Note Card

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