What's the both-safe&fast-enough speed on the highway?

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  1. Everytime you touch that brake pedal, you're losing money.

    It's true.

    Braking means using up more fuel, and that means losing money.

    What do you think is the 'both-safe&fast-enough' speed on the highway?

    I'd say about 72 to 75 miles per hour on the fast lane, and 60 on slower lane.
  2. ?

    7 million ?
  3. That's about 120 km/hr, which I think is also an appropriate speed.

    Given, that it's an empty highway.

    Do you think this value varies by the region? Is there any place on Earth where they'd consider going really fast? Like... say... 160 km/hr?

    I know there are some countries which find 120 km/hr very fast... they can hardly move above 100 km/hr.
  4. Depends on the car/driver/road.

    I usually go 75-80 on highways

    I would not feel safe going 75-80 in my friends oldsmobile though.
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    the autobahn, there is no speed limit, they post signs for the recommended speed of like 80 or 90km/h, but you can go as fast as you want

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  6. Depends on the vehicle I think. Any full size trucks/suvs shouldn't do over 75, but a car could easily do 90.
  7. I would love to do 90, but I don't think it's safe to do that in my country.

    The road conditions here in Thailand is very... unsafe. There are all sorts of things moving on the road... like dogs and cows and tricycles and shit... stuff like 'home made pick up truck'.

    And there's virually no rules. Anything goes.

    Very dangerous to drive fast.

    But on the paid highways, where they collect the toll, it's very good. With a fast car, you could really go fast, as fast as you want.

    No speed limit.
  8. I live in canada and I used to push 200kph on the saskatchawan highways since they're just long flat straight stretches with no cars on them.
  9. Holy... 200? In what?
  10. 80 + a radar detector:)
  11. well as far as fuel consumption goes, youre best off cruising at 55-60 mph. any faster then you are heavily going against wind resistance, and any slower youre not getting the extra miles to the gallons youre burning.

    regardless, i cruise around 65-70 on 55mph highways, and around 80 when the limits 65. just keeping up with left lane traffic, really.
  12. in my jeep i cruise around 65mph. it has tall gears so its not much for highway cruising. in the vw, about 70-80 is good. sometimes ill go faster when traffic permits. i did 140 once. it was scary enough that i will think twice before i do it again
  13. Uhh, teh speed limit? [/crazy]
  14. as fast as you can go without hitting anything
  15. They are three sections of the Autobahn. The one in Germany which i am guessing you are referring to, does have speed limit sections, but a good portion is also without. I believe that is only the left lane as well?
  16. How about when you're high?

    I say no faster than 60 miles... (100 km/hr)
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    after doing a 160 mph on my GSXR 1000cc streetbike 75 mph feels like i am doing 25 but i think the freeway speed should be unrestricted that way we could get cut all spending on state troopers and high way patrol that chase speeders all day and waste millions of tax payer dollars monthly seriously they waste so much money on dumb shit like atleast spend the money you would pay all these cops on speed trap cameras all over then we dont have to pay all these cops or pay for there new cars all there pensions and benifits and just use the local sheriff for disturbance calls only and get rid of all patrol cops like CHP and what not i have heard some make over 200,000 a year, 2 chp live on my street they both have money out the ass besides from being complete power tripping a-holes that are always breaking the law.....riding there old school cadi down the street with expired registration and like 7 people in the car 4 of them kids sitting on the convertable top as it was down,....blows my mind the things they get away with.......a few months ago i was riding my crf 50 out front on my drive way and in the street doing a couple of wheelies and stoppies and just messing around and my exhaust is modified and i had been riding for like 30 minutes and he comes out points at me and signals me to come to him i got over there and he says im distrubing the peace and driving wreckless and says that if i dont put the bike away now and that if he sees me riding it on the street he will have a on duty CHP buddy of his come and impound the bike and give me a ticket, so i threw it on craigslist and sold it the next day, cause i wasnt about to take my 50 to the track or forrest everytime i want to ride it ....thats what my 250 and 450 are for.....so i was pissed but i just couldnt believe how much of a power trip this guy was on over a mini bike for christ sakes.... go bust the mother fu*kers cooking meth selling crack in the ghetto ..... or the guys stealing cars.....its funny they are never around when your need them or to catch the real criminals they only put the mindless middle class person farther in debt then they already are.....basically i hate cops because they are corupt as all hell ....they will rob you in broad day light...... and now they wonder why i run from them for kicks .......make them blow there precious time and tax dollars on someone they cant catch..... it pretty funny after you ditch the cops on a streetbike to listen to them look every where for you on my police scanner then i hop in my car with a blunt i just rolled up and hot box it while i drive around and laugh knowin my GSXR is safe inside lol fuck the police no justice no piece

    on a side note: a few years ago i read a study that people drive better stoned then sober because they are more aware and more careful ill see if i can google it and find the study but it was interesting i drive better stoned when im sober im just a fu*king lead foot
  18. Here's a video from a few years back regarding Driving "under the influence of Cannabis"
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3zou4F00Ic"]YouTube - Marijuana and Driving[/ame]

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