What's the biggest/most important thing you've forgotten becuase of getting high?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by The Lex, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. OK, just finished taking a few hits of kief/salvia andwas putting my pipe away. Was looking for my wooden smoking case, looked around my room from the chair i've been sitting in since i started smoking 10 min ago and can't find it. Then i just reposition my legs and realize my dumbass had been putting his feet on them. Las week I was putting my shit away again and instead of putting my pipe in the case, i put my lighter in it. 15 min later I'm wondering why i've been twirling a pipe in my hand? Those aren't that important: i just started smoking this year so I haven't done it when I have to do shit, but I am pretty paranoid about my parents finding out(I'm not under 18, i'm in college though and live at home)

    Let's hear yours...
  2. It once took me two hours to realize that I had headphones on, and hadn't actually...somehow...smoked myself to near-deafness.
  3. i was just chillin with my friend the other day, and he has something you can add here. not me though lol.

    He said he always gets high and just straight forgets shit. He told me once that he left his mom stranded at work cuz he took her car for the day and even forgot to go pick her up!!! doh!! i laughed so hard when he was telling this story, maybe it was cuz i was high tho...
  4. it wasn't me, but this happened to a friend. he came over to my house in the afternoon around 230, me and a bud were ripping a fat bong. this bong is very large. well teh friend came over and milked the shit out of this big bong, and he's a little guy, the milk was yellow. he cleared it all, then coughed a shit load
    then passed out on my couch, for a good 2 hours
    then woke up and had a voicemail that said "hi, this is katie, we didn't see you at track practice so we just did some laps and left, hope your alright" he was teh middle school track teams coach.
  5. I forgot where I put a lot of things, like weed that ive found weeks later in my pants, etc.
  6. feed my cats for a day.......:rolleyes:
  7. "I was gonna go to class, but then I got high. I coulda cheated, and I coulda passed, but I got hiiigh"
  8. On one occasion, after doing a reasonable amount of blow and later smoking quite a few bowls with a few friends, I was holding this new piece that my husband had brought home earlier.
    It was still clean and new, and after admiring it for a good 10 or 15 minutes during bowls, it finally occurred to me... "Whoa, guys... we could smoke out of this!" And we did. And it was good.

    Another time, my best friend and I are high on blow again, we find an old piece that we decide we're going to clean.
    Going with the boiling method, we put some water in a pan, set it on the stove, turn on the heat, and the instant we turn around and walk out of the kitchen we have both completely forgotten what we were even doing.
    About 3 or 4 hours later, after we'd gotten higher, came down, and went to bed, my best friends boyfriend gets up to go to the bathroom and sees the burner still glowing on the oven. He turned it off and probably saved my apartment. But sadly, not the pan. :eek:
    Luckily, we'd also forgotten to put the piece in the water.
  9. ^^damn, pothead. haha

    Last night i was fuckin RIPPED... at about 8:30 i came home so i could chill wid my ex at 9... (we had been plannin to hang out all day... really wanted to) and i remember it was like 8:40 and i was watchin tv, flippin threw the channels.. then the next thing i know i wake up real quick (like when you have a "falling" dream) and i looked at the clock and it said 1am... oh i bet she is pissed. (its 2:20 right now)

    its the the most important thing, but it did make me feel like shit for about a half hour, but then i got really high again and came to the city. lol. ill call her when she gets off work tomorrow, errr today
  10. lol i once decided to cook hamburgers while playing battlefield 2, and because i was playing a game that required so much of my attention i set the stove to 2, the low heat setting. I figured i'd slow cook these things. Well i just sat in my room playing battlefield2 and bong hitting for probably 5 hours, i walk in the kitchen and see teenage mutant ninja hamburgers in the frying pan. I didnt even remember putting them on so when i first saw them my reaction was "what in the fuck is that thing?" It wasnt even the color of hamburger, it was the color of biological death meat. I just threw the pan with the death meat in the trashcan outside and made some new hamburgers cause i wasnt able to stone my hunger away by that time lol
  11. I don't forget big things and I don't really know anyone that does. It's always little annoying shit like, where did I sit my sack? Where is my scale? What was that really cool thing I was just fucking thinking about? *During a commercial* What the fuck am I watching? I don't forget things like go to class or go to work because my mind is always thinking of ways to get more $ to get more weed. And that is what makes a successful stoner, the rational drive for shit tons of dank weed.
  12. I remember it was my second high, and i was with my girlfriend and we were insane right... so i was just rambling on and on, and then i made up these two women because my gf wasnt talking to me. So i'm talking to these women and in the end like 15 minutes later i forget theyre not real and i'm trying to convince them to come from the bar with me. .... Yeah, we smoked some good shit alright.

  13. pcp?
  14. Less than a month ago, the wife and i drove to the local shop for munchies and a movie.
    Walked home..
    Wasn't untill the following morning after almost reporting my car stolen, that the penny dropped.
    I can sympathize with a few of the other stories as well though :rolleyes:
  15. ^^ Haha, thats great dude. Almost done that too but i caught myself and tried to play it off.

    I once forgot i had work at 4pm so i chillin with my buddies at like 5, smokin a blunt, when i realize that i was sopost to be at work. It didnt phase me though, cause i figured i could just call them up and say my car broke down an hour away and i had to walk a mile to get a phone i could call them on. So when we roached it, i grabed my cell and called into work without any of my friends hearing me. When i get done and hang up, i run up to them lookin all worried like somethings happened. I was like " DUDE, I HAVE FUCKING WORK! I gotta be there in 20 minutes or im FUCKING FIRED!" and one of my bro's was like "Man, this a calling. I HAVE To get you there on time!" So we're rushin doin like 100mph on some old back roads. Then when we're about 5 minutes away, im like "Ahhhh fuck it. Fuck work, lets go get some muchies on me." LoL, im a asshole. I just wanted muchies really quick and they allways take forever to go anywhere.

    Btw, for trickin them all i bought munchies for the whole crew. Haha, we ordered like 15 dollar menu cheese burgers.
  16. uhm...biggest thing i forgot...that i had to go to work..i had just finished a grow, and pluckings were prime...so we smoked out a little bit, a little TOO much...anyway, worst came to worst, and i had to take a sick day...my boss was cool though...he came by later with his hookah to try it out...i have a habit of finding stoners...

    oh yeah, and this just reminded me, need to remember to pick up dry cleaning
  17. Great thread everyone haha, I usually forget where I put my green when I'm about to load another bowl or twist a dutch, only to find out 2-3 minutes later its in my lap the entire time..
  18. I try as much not too but FUCK i lose my keys in my room all the time, takes a good while to find em to
  19. I think i posted a thread a long while ago... lemme go find it...

    here it is:

  20. I load bowls and forgot.

    Like, ill be sitting there and feel like bowl, ill break one up and load the piece. Then I just set it down, and forget about it. Then shortly after that I get the urge to smoke a bowl again, so I break one up, goto load the bowl and it's full.

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