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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BudFanatic, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. Blueberry! I'm trying to find the overall most reliable and strongest blueberry beans I can get my hands on! any suggestions? I know a few places have a wide selection, but I don't want something generic, want to make sure its the original genetics!
  2. Edit- I'll just randomly choose a company and do seed roulette.

    I'm sure it's worked for others, and I hope it will work for me!

  3. don't buy dutch passions femenised blueberry that's for sure.........kinds addictive the blueberry effect isn't it?......lol.........Peace out............Sid
  4. Whats wrong with Dutch Passion Feminized???

    I bought DPF Mazar. Bad choice?

  5. no, just the blueberry that i've had trouble with.........

  6. Dutch Passion Feminized belongs to the X-men team...

    Dutch Passion Feminized came out mutan for Sids, and aswell for some other guys in overgrow, and uk420... the seeds are low product... if u gonna buy BB, buy the normal ones.. better chance of getting more yeild, and u can make more seeds...latezzz..
  7. Well, I just need something that REALLY smells like blueberry or some sort of overpowering fruit...it's part of my new stealth plan. If it smells like someone is making jam, half of my problems are taken care of! :p

    Edit- Other characteristics I'm looking for are quick growth and even possibly a hybrid high. Indicas just make me sleepy after giving me a buzz, so I need either a half and half or a quick sativa (lol what an oxymoron that is) to get.

    Strong hitting cerebral smoke with a touch of that indica calming effect? Something along those lines, but doesn't matter as long as it smells like someone has a fruit orchard.

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