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  1. What is the best easily obtained drug that will fuck you up. I recently got into all kinds of other drugs besides my usual shrooms and bud.

    I already know about DXM in cough medicine.
    Also when you post can you post the effects you had?

    Thank You
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    Opiates are easily obtained from dealers - Euphoria, "body high," and a happy state of mind. Feels like a fleece blanket is lining the inside of your body and all of your muscles in a sense... Well in a good way. Lasts 2-3 hours.

    DXM - trip balls on higher doses. Feeling of being drunk and high at the same time all while having a state of mind that is associated with tripping... Also short attention span and memory. Also, had some hallucinations (lights had halos, motion in the corner of your eyes, etc). Made me want to dance. Lasts up to 6+ hours, but peaks at about 1 1/2 hours.

    Those are my current favorites. Adderall is fun, too, but I don't feel like typing anymore about them, lol.
  3. if you want to get "fucked up" take like 300 mg of diphenhydramine(benadryl) in which you will start having delerious hallucinations

    or take one cotton rod of propylhexedrine(benzedrex) in which case you will feel effects similar to amphetamines
  4. Thanks to all who replied so far, I'm looking for drugs easily obained at a CVS or walgreens just some shelf drugs.

  5. go with the benzedrex it will feel very close to amphetamine

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