Whats the best weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by StickyxLover, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. What do you think is the best weed as in most effictive and longest lasting?
  2. Depends on person to person what high or buzz they like.

    I love a strong indica where i jus dont feel like moving, Dont feel like thinknig, Dont feel like functioning.

    Then they some people who like the opposite with a strong indica.

    Some people like more indica then some satiiva and vice versa.

    Some people say fuck weed and do harder drugs. Some people say fuck harder drugs and do legal drugs like pills, Alcohol, And ciggerattes.

    Its up to you what you think is the best homie, Becuase ive smoked the shittiest of shwagg, And some killer fucking chronic bubonic one toke make you choke, One hitta killa weed and i still prefer a heavy indica buzz.
  3. Its impossible to answer that question, this is pointless, noone will agree.
  4. Oh yeah man it heavily depends on your preference. Personally I always find sativas interesting because i've only had a pure sativa once. Like i've had a good amount of head center highs but i've only had a 100 percent sativa once.

    The sativa is cool as shit because it was sort of a novelty but after smoking a couple of bowls straight I sort of got tired of it. I quickly got bored of it. Maybe next time i'll have to draw or read some really delicious books to get the best high.

    But for now i'm more of a mix man, usually head centered. I love to just talk about the randomest shit with people while high. Like we'll just sit around and debate stupid shit like who the next president is going to be, trade jobs, owning your own company, owning a bar etc and for some reason it's fun.

    100 percent indicas are kind of boring for me because I just get so sluggish i'm couch-locked. But I have to admit their munchies are deliciously bomb.
  5. yeah all weed gives you different effects.
  6. ooo ooo ooo ooo!! oo!!! I found the answer!!!!

    The best weed is LEGAL weed!!!
  7. SATIVA for me

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