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Whats the best weed to get

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FrostyBong, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Taking into conisderation the price, what gives the most bang for its buck from

    That Cinderella 99 looks mighty good to me but i haven't tried it.
  2. Yeah that looks the best too, you can't really tell until you smoke it though.
  3. Plants from seeds direct...
    i ordered some feminised Durban Poisen from Dutch Passion on that site, all plants were female and that was fucking strong weed, nice high too, a bit monged out but couldn't stop giggling. if you want strong weed rather than weed with a nice high then get Durban Poisen, Jack Herer (Although expensive it is some of the best weeed i've ever smnoked) or Super Silver Haze is strong and nice. the trippiest weed that you can get seeds from seeds direct is probably neville's Haze or Belladonna.
  4. I must say I love white widow and white rhino
  5. does anyone know any good strains of weed that have hallucenogenic properties? or is that just not a weed thing?
  6. large amounts of the right kind=halucinations......or gigantic bonghits in your thingy infested room=halucinations of moving lights
  7. Man I just had a sack come through tonight and it laced with some sherm...I think im gonna be one fucked up fucker! I already been hittin the bong like all year every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 5 5
  8. namron- room is thingy infested, isnt it...i like that, a lot..why am i posting it here? intead of just telling you tommorrow when i see you?? thats a good question...i dont know...thingy infested...hahaha...yeah...
  9. Is there a big difference between one white widow that costs over 100$ and another by say Nirvana that costs 15$. Theres so many of the same strains but by different breeders that have a huge difference in price. Is it worth it?
  10. for belladonna it says:

    "Her tempting signals are of the kind you want to experience, but be warned, her tripping high is of a hallucinogenic nature."

  11. warning, i'm not really an expert at this, and what I'm about to say might be 100% wrong, but this is what I think I do know:

    Nirvana sells F2 strains where the others sell F1 strains. F2 strains have not been 100% perfected geneticly for a particular strain, where F1 strains are.

    Example: Given identical growing conditions, F1 strains will share all characteristics since they are geneticly identical. They'll all grow to the same height, they'll all grow the same amout of bud, no differences.

    F2 strains are different because each bean isn't geneticly identical to each other. So when you grow each one under identical growing conditions, you'll have plants that are noticably smaller than others, some might not grow as much bud as others, etc.

    IMHO however, if you're not planning on being a hardcore grower, its not worth the extra money for F1s. Like my friend right now has a nice closet garden going on right now using some cheap Afghani seeds. He just uses floros and soil pots, nothing really expensive. He's about three weeks away from harvest, and off the three plants he has, we're looking at a real nice stash of good quality buds. It'd be a complete waste to spend $100+ on a pack of beans (like Ak-47, my dream bud) to grow like that because of how limited the growing conditions are. If my buddy had a big-ass metal halide and a nice small hydro system however, its probably a lot better to invest in the better quality buds because you'll get your money out of them because you'll grow the beans to their maxium potential.
  12. BTW, as far as buying beans goes, ALWAYS buy from Seeds Direct. They are the BEST people to buy from. I live in the Midwest, seeds direct is in England. I sent my order out in the mail on a Tuesday, got the seeds the next Monday, LESS THAN A WEEK!! I've ordered from other places like Heaven's Stairway, they took over a month to get me the seeds, and they are even closer to me since they're in Canada. Also, Seeds Direct gives out free Skunk #1 seeds on every order. Oh yeah, the package the seeds came in from seeds direct was the most discrete package I've ever seen, I was blown away on how they hid the beans in the package, there was no way in hell it would ever get intercepted by customs.

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