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Whats the best website (thats ships from USA) to buy bongs?

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by green18, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Hey

    Title pretty much sums it up. In the past ive bought from EDIT but I dont want to have to pay shipping across the pond.

  2. GC, dude!
  3. why wonderful GrassCity of course!!
  4. Any other good usa sites out there?
  5. hate to be "that" guy but im pretty sure your not supposed to talk about competing websites on this forum. anyways not trying to start shit or anything just looking out. have a good one:wave:
  6. i ordered a mini bong off GC last week

    im stoked :)
  7. (looking at snipers in bushes and secret GC police in trees) heheh GC is the greatest (shits pants)
  8. http://www.glass-pipes-water-bongs.com/

    my friend got a bong from that site.
    it was really nice glass and the shipping wasnt that long.
    all the peices come with glass screens and a free pipe or chillum
  9. Kinda tired of seeing thread after thread of asking where to buy glass online. Just read the rules. And google!?
  10. ^its odd you take the time to make a totally useless post. Im sure this is an often asked annoying noobish question but if I don't ask how am I supposed to find out? I already googled and didnt find anything great so I was just seeing if anyone else out there had a good place.

    Anyway I just purchased a 500ml Ice EHLE w/ diffuser and carbon filter, cant wait:smoking:. Thanks folks for the input.
  11. Comes from the UK.

    I'd say GC is your best bet.
  12. Yah thats true.
    you can never trust the Europeans

  13. Then why the fuck are you on GC?

    its based in the netherlands.
  14. so all orders are shipped FROM the US? I just ordered a bubbler and some salvia. About how long will it take to be delivered?

  15. Thank you, for reviving a 4-month old thread.

    And this is something to contact GC about, not ask in the forums.
  16. oh hey thanks. you're a huge help. hang yourself. :hello:
  17. you guys r vicious :devious:
  18. I believe I was as huge a help as I could possibly be, informing you that the thread was old, and providing to the best of my knowledge a way to answer your question.

    By the way, GC doesn't ship from the U.S. Any dipshit would notice in the shipping details all of the options start with the word "International".

    PS: Way to fuck up your very first post.



  19. True That Man! Too many mean people!! Stop the hate!!!

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