whats the best way to use cannabis

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  1. the cannabis am talking about is solid and green
    What is the best way to consume cannabis????
    water falls
    or eating it

    joints dont really do it for me i find the high toooo mellow and you need to use double the amount of your stash

    so what do you think is the best way to use cannabis????
  2. Vaporizing it.
  3. how the hell
  4. stuffing as much in your asshole as you can. WOAH, it gets you so high!
  5. I use it to make little shrubberies on my model train sets. They look quite convincing, really. You certainly should try it.
  6. I was going to say this, as well. I also would like to mention the merit of putting it in your ass.

    Now that the model train talk is done, I will admit I am not sure if I have any advice regarding your question.
  7. Anal insertion has been renown for being able to absorb the most THC. It's the same concept as alcohol.
  8. nothing is going up my asswhole fuck that shit wat a waste
  9. Actually, the shit would be fucking you.
  10. ok you keep shoving grass up ya ass i choose to smoke it
  11. Don't paint me an ass grasser. I have not engaged in such superfluous activities. Yet.
  12. i love how you say YET
  13. Accidents could happen, right?
  14. You use a vaporizer...
  15. vaporizer and then bake the remains. I personally Love bongs and took a bong over a vape.
  16. I also love the ass technique. It works much like a suppository.
  17. This thread is hilarious. TO ALL WHO ARE READING THIS, MARY JANE DOES NOT LIKE ANAL SEX. Do not under any circumstances stick your weed up your ass.
  18. The best way is to do all the different ways all the time.
  19. Its all personal preference. The most healthy/conservative way would be vaporizing. And if you find joints too mellow I would look at vaporizers.
    Google the Magic Flight Launch box for a decently inexpensive, but good little portable vape.
    The Da buddha and silver surfer vape are popular mid-price options
    The volcano is pretty much the most expensive and seen as one of the best.
    there are lots of other options.

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