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Whats the best way to smoke pipe resin?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KushxChronz, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. I always hear about people gettin high off resin but anytime i ever hit resin out of my pipe i didnt feel anything.. is there a certain way u smoke it? i just hold the lighter in the bowl for like 10 seconds n i get smoke but not much
  2. Grab a paperclip. Scrape the fuck out of the pipe, if its glass then be careful. Pour out the resin (assuming you have enough) onto a plate or something and tap it to get every last bit out. Pack that shit, and have yourself a smoke :D
  3. The best way to smoke pipe resin for me is to not smoke it at all. I hate the muddy high that resin gives you and I need to smoke quite a bit. If you have to smoke it as a last resort(which is usually always the case) I noticed that fresh resin just melts when it hits the flame. Place in bowl and let it crisp up a bit with your lighter before toking.
  4. Put it in a Nice bubbler with ice cold water, and use a butane torch. Always blazes me.
  5. When we used to have to do this, my friends would mix in ash from either a cig or weed to thicken up the consistantcy of the resin before being smoked. It also seemed to smoke a lot better this way. Haven't done it in years though.
  6. I normally just vape it in my glass oil pipe
  7. i also tend to find that the high from resin makes me feel not so fabulous... i mean thinking about it... it isn't as though you're smoking thc oil or hash or something yummy like that.

    coming down to it, what you're really getting (what's left on the inside of your piece after weeks/months of smoking) is the remnants of the combustion process of the plant material and all cannabinoids (including thc yes).... so yeah kind of gross if you ask me, but to say ive never been in a tight spot and smoked it to pass the time would be a big ole fattaroonie

    as to how to smoke it? if its a small glass piece then hitting it while holding the light inside the bowl or even next to the rush seems to do quite well. what you're tryin to do is heat up the inside of the piece (even more specifically the inside underside of the bowl where a lot of the 'resin' builds up) anything more than 4-5 seconds at a time and i find the piece heats up to where it starts to burn your fingertips

    preffereabllyyy if you can boil the piece in a small pot (just big enough to fit the piece, as the less water you have to drain at the end the easier life is for you :hello:) after alittle bit you'll see the flakes come outof the mouthepiece and bowl where they can be scooped up with filter paper.... and whatever doesnt come out you can use either a paperclip (as mike68 mentioneddd) or anything thatlll fit.

    try taking a small bowl pack and putting what you scrape out on the weed, probably a more noticeable effect in that manner
  8. Here's one way:
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  9. I really need to try this whole Solar smoking deal. Very good idea, especially when your lighter runs out of fluid and you have no matches. I knew a guy that used to light his cigarettes that way in prison.

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