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Whats the best way to make hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MinusTheBeae, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Well I tried it for the first time not long ago and it blew my mind, and I was wondering how would I go about making it? Plz and thanks *_*
  2. QWISO works like a charm.
  3. if you want to try the most potent hash. try BHO hash. it's so bomb. 1 or 2 hits feels like im flying...
  4. -BHO hash is the highest quality usually, and requires little tools to create..
    -Dry ice hash is second best quality but by far the easiest and fastest method.
    -Then you have bubble hash which is like Dry Ice hash just with normal ice, takes hours longer to do.
    -ISO hash is relatively easy to do, and requires little supplies. But is not of best quality or easiest/fastest method.

    I would suggest doing BHO hash.. Save that. Then make Dry Ice hash.. and mix that hash with the BHO hash. Then take the left overs from the DI hash and make ISO hash with it.
  5. if you have a grinder with a screen you can also press keif into hash.
  6. Dry sieve hash w/ dry ice

    Dry ice
    Trim, shake, or ground bud
    Silk screen somewhere around 130 microns
    Razor blade, or credit card

    1 . Fill a bucket with plant material ( trim, shake, or ground bud)
    2 . Drop in dry ice
    3 . Agitate the material with a spatula or something , should be getting pretty frozen
    4. Frost should be forming around your bucket, now move material to your silk screen.
    5. Move the material around on the silk screen, over something clean and flat.
    6. The trichomes should now be collecting under your screen scrape them up with your razor blade, you now have some good kief, press this and you have hash!

    You can now use the left over material to make qwiso or bho (I prefer bho). Happy toking!
  7. Oh shit, this post is a year old!

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