Whats the best way to maintain a low tolerance after a succesful t break?

Discussion in 'General' started by John Lennon, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. These last weeks Ive been smoking. Like at least 3 days a week. I feel like I have a high tolerance now because I need a lot more weed than before and the effects dont last too long. Its like feeling high-sober.

    Im going to see The Cure this April 17th. So Im planning to take some weed to the concert. But I definetly want to be high as a kite that night. So I have like a month to take a t break. But I want to maintain my "low tolerance", and of course this will help me to save more weed and also discipline myself for college.

    In conclusion, after a t break, how much should I smoke? Like weekends? What If I smoke a lot in one day per week?

  2. Both options are acceptable but trust me, if you used to be a daily smoker it's gunna be hard to force yourself to not smoke more. If you find yourself in this situation just give in by smoking everyday but in small amounts. Taking omega3, mangos, or green tea may heighten the high if you believe in that.
  3. Only smoke jew bowls, aka snappers, use the bong as you would a one hitter and wait like 5 minutes in between jews so you're not smoking more than absolutely necessary
  4. I've been smoking for years and I still have a pretty low tolerance. I maintain this by packing a bowl and only taking a few hits from it at a time..only until I feel high! and the I wait until I come down before I smoke more. It's been working for me

    Edit: obviously my tolerance has increased, but I don't need a whole hint of high grade stuff to get me baked.

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