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Whats the best way to introduce a new toker?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by harpua31, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. i've been puffin' for a while, and i remember my first time blazing kinda sucked very high anxiety and not well planned out

    this chick im dating has never smoked before, and she would like to try it...obviously im gonna make sure its a real chill environment at someones house, not smoking out in public or anything, so we can just get high and relax...

    my question for gc...

    what do you think would be the best most pleasurable method to introduce a new toker to? blunt? joint? bong? bowl? vape? what do you guys think?
  2. go on a blunt ride and play music she likes and just chill
  3. I would do a bong. i remember my first toke and it was out of a bowl, but i wasn't good at judging at how much i was actually hitting. With a bong, she can hit it and you can help her eyeball what's a good amount. start her off easy with a small hit and let her go from there. Plus bongs are smoother and newbs have baby lungs so you don't want her to hack up a lung on your smoke date, ya dig?!
  4. Glass pipe at home. Anywhere else will freak a new smoker out (trust me, I used to all the time). A glass pipe is a great way to give her a taste of actual smoke without it being too harsh. Put on a movie (my first time movie was space jam, it was sick) and just chill out.
  5. I think a dry piece is the best, a simple glass bowl with a carb. Teaches the fundamentals of lighting, inhaling, passing without pressure to have things learned before a joint or blunt goes out. Also, new smokers never know that you really need to pull in that smoke with a bong so they do a really weak one. Then you show them how it's done, they take a too big hit, and cough a lung up. A spoon is definitely what I usually pack when I've got new smokers. Also, we sit in my room with relaxing music on and some water near by for when they inevitably start coughing.

  6. No.

    Start her off with a spliff, I'd go classy and go with a nice joint. I'm sure she's smoked a cigarette before, so she gets the jist of it.
  7. I'd say work him up. You gotta bring him to the classics then work his way up to vape. Ex, Joint-Blunt-Glass pipe-bong-vape would be nice
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    Listen to me dude, and listen well. The first time they really get high will be like no fucking other. The first time I was high, I think I must have been high for 4-6 hours, and if you really want her to get STONED, hotbox in some closet / small area. Trust me, even if she takes baby hits, she will get stoned off just breathing. Just smoke a few bowls, then go out and do whatever you want in the room. I would recommend that once you stop hotboxing and leave the room, she will be extremely stoned. Set up a movie or SOMETHING for her, tell her your going to get food (and if she wants to go with you, let her) and then have her taste food. Then, watch a comedy movie, those are always good.

    The First time I got high - Like I said, I was with my cousin, he smoked me out, I think we smoked 3-4 bowls, but I could barely take like 3-4 hits before I coulden't take it anymore. It didn't matter, because we were hotboxing, and I was still getting slowly high. We exited the room, and he turned on the movie The Wall, by pink floyd. While I was watching it, I noticed a small beetle that was limping, with a little red dot on its back. I watched it move all across the room, and then picked it up gently and put it near the window. I didn't even know it, but he had left the room, and then came back. he came back with tons of food on a platter, and he told me to try them out. I did, I even ate things ferociously that I didn't even like. After the movie, we played some Halo 2; Being the first time I was high, and being extremely high, I noticed that my hands were moving on their own, and I was watching myself play the game, but I wasn't even playing the game. Literally, my hands were moving and I didn't know what they were doing, it was a weird feeling. I was laying down on a sofa and I turned my arm, and then lo and behold, the limping little beetle with a small red dot on its back was back again and was right next to me. I laughed that it came back, and then put it across the other side of the room, and wondered if it would come back. After that, my cousin had to call his GF, so we closed up all the exits in the room, and turned on the fog machine (he told me to keep it going, all you have to do is click a button when it flashes green) In just a little bit, the room was so filled with fog, you couldn't even see your hand if you pulled it away from you. At that point, I thought it would be funny to take my shirt off, act like a chameleon, while he was on the phone. It was pretty funny, I must admit at the time, and then when he was finished, we opened a window and let out all the fog. After that, my cousin got a couple bags of chips, rolled out these beds, turned on a episode of Star Trek, and we both were starting to fall asleep. As I laid down on a pillow, I looked on the pillow, and again, saw the little limping beetle with a red dot. This time, instead of putting it away, I made it its own little bed, out of a sock, gave it a small piece of a dorito, some water on this little circle thing, and let it do what it wanted. I then fell asleep, and woke up the next morning stoned as fuck for about 30 minutes, until it wore off. I must say it was one of the best days of my life, and I wouldn't have done it any other way.

    After reading about my first time being really high, don't mess this up, this will make or break her into being a stoner. If you just act like normal and be cool and chill and whatever and let things happen

  9. i love when people are really blazed on the forums and just write novel sized posts :smoke:
  10. Here is my dream first toking experience that I am making up as I write. Some chill location where you can smoke inside and it doesn't matter. I'd have a bong, but for new tokers it can destroy them, so a nicely rolled joint or a FUCKING BLUNT. a blunt is the best way to go. On second thought, no bongs. Deffinatly no pipes. Just rolled shit. Personal joints. Chill music. Oh put on The Grouch, look him up on you tube and Living Legends, and Eligh. Thats some chill ass rap. Because first timers get hella anxiety, make sure it's in a pretty small room, not like a closet or something but like a bedroom. And be sure you don't have to be cutty about it. Just hotbox it, and it will be chill. Good Luck.

  11. You are fucking tight as shit. I love people you act like this when their high. Their so funny. And that shit about the beatle, it almost made me cry. Bugs can feel and he knew you were a chiller and were going to take care of him.
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    The first time ever for me was at boarding school (huge paranoia inducer as there were only 150 students total and every teacher knows you as well as your friends) and we walked off campus and found a spot behind the grocery store behind a fence next to a lake at like 9 PM and took a bunch of couches from the trash behind an apartment complex (clean couches but without some of the cushions). We set them up around a tree that looked like a huge fat nug and lit up.

    Being the noob i was, i took like 2 hits and exploded. We then walked back to campus after beat boxing a bit (which was sick sounding because we mixed in some Hebrew prayers [my dealer and best friend was a super Orthodox Chassidic Jew] and rap and it was sick) and had to sign in at the guard house (SO F-ING SCARY).
    My mind was reeling with all the new feelings and senses i never knew existed. We took a bunch of mattresses from our rooms and set them up in my friend's room and a bunch of blankets and blasted trance and just chilled out. I've been hooked to the bud since :p

    Just make it an awesome experience she will NEVER forget and she will have an amazing time. Oh yeah, make sure to mention that sex is super awesome while your high and she'll most likely jump your bones dude.

    EDIT: Also i would probably roll a few J's cause out of a spoon is super harsh for non-smokers.

  13. LOL same thing i thought dude i do it all the time.

    well that and "giant wall of text crits you for WTF
    you die."
  14. I'd say do what I did. The friend who introduced me to it basically held the bong, lit the bong, and pulled out the bowl to clear it. Just tell her how to take a hit. With you controlling it hopefully she wont go too big on her first try or anything and she wont be nervous handling something that she doesnt know how to use. All she has to do is breathe. Help her do the rest and then sit back with TV and munchies! I'm a girl and this is how I got started. Best of luck!
  15. I always introduce people to a joint first. They've seen it in the movies, they know how it works, and there is nothing to "figure out". Most of the time when beginners try to use pieces, they often get embarrassed because they aren't sure what to do. Therefor a J is the best pick imo.
  16. exactly what i was thinkin. its impossible to fuck up smokin a blunt or a j. and you dont have to slap her if she blows out a bowl ( that was a joke so dont get mad)
  17. Spoon. Clean, smooth, and will still give them a pretty mellow, but noticeable high.
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    Definitely a blunt. And smoke regs, for God's sake; you don't want her to green out. Make sure she's comfortable and has nothing to get paranoid about (like people in the house who don't know you'll be smoking). Maybe let her decide what music you'll be listening to and stuff like that..

    [edit]Also, smoke indica; indica gives a more bodily high (of course you already know that) and it's much more chill..
  19. I would start her off using a bong, given that its not a 4 footer or some shit. it'll give her smoother hits, its easy to judge how much smoke shes got going, and it will give her a good high hopefully. also, bongs are just fucking fun :hello: id suggest vape, but if you start her on that, nothign can compare.

  20. ZOMG ZOMG your story is amazing. I really wish i knew you, cause people like you are awesome. God that beetle must have been happy that he got an awesome dude like you to chill with lol. Respect

    Just gonna tell you about my first time. It wasnt acutally my first time, more like third but i didnt get high b4, mostly because i never inhaled. So here it goes. I was with my french friend, over at his place, and we smoked around two spliffs with nice hash. I have never even imagined the pure power of weed and for me, the walls of his room started moving, so it was pretty awesome. In my opinion, the best way to introduce a newbie to smoking would be to roll a decent joint, show them how to smoke it and explain the inhaling in detail b4 smoking. So yeah, i hope you have an awesome day, OP

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