What's the best way to hit a bong??

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  1. I have a normal one foot bong I recently bought, and i was wondering if there was any techniques that you use personally that get you more stoned. Things that actually work too, not anything stupid...
  2. With bongs, nothing special. I light it, slowly inhale and build up smoke and then pull out the bowl and quickly clear it. That's become a habit for me, kind-of a ritual :D
    If you wanna get more stoned, you could try the old mango myth, eat some fresh mango and see if it gets you higher. If you want a added buzz, try mixing tobacco in the bowl with the bud, it always adds an "edge" to the high for me however it makes it allot harsher so be cautious! Other than that, i don't know of anything else really. Maybe use cold water or try putting the EMPTY AND DRY bong into the freezer for some time, it will help cool the smoke and make larger rips less harsh.
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  3. Really good advice! I just wanna add that sometimes warm/hot water actually makes the smoke smoother.

    Also, depending on the bong shape, you might wanna give yourself more time to clear it. For example, a straight tube bong is the fastest/easiest to clear when compared to a beaker bong for e.g. A beaker bong gives more trouble when clearing so you wanna end your hit a bit earlier than normal.
  4. I like my bong rips to be cool so I use plenty of ice in my ice catcher. Then I rip the hell out of it and try to cash the bowl. (I have a smaller bowl piece so it's not a challenge.) then I try to hold it in as long as possible.

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  5. Just snap the bowl each time and make sure you take a deep inhale after clearing the bong.
  6. All good.

    Try taking short breaths in as you exhale. It will circulate the smoke inside and make the hit more efficient

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