What's the best way to drink this Vodka?

Discussion in 'General' started by xJord4n, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Sup guys. Well, sadly I don't have any bud and I won't be able to get any cause i'm out of cash. :/ But I have a little bit more then a 1/4 of a water bottle filled with Vodka, 80 proof. I'm 5,11 and weigh 145. What would be the best way to drink this? Take shots? or make a mixed drink? Oh and if it helps, I very rarely drink. So I'm pretty sure I'll be smacked if I drink it all. :devious:
  2. Shots. If its especially harsh fill 1/2 with OJ and the other half vodka.
  3. Drink it straight if you have the balls

    Mix it in some iced tea if you're like me xD
  4. Either shots or mix it with OJ imo.

    If you don't drink very often you might want to mix it.

    EDIT: 1/4 of a water bottle?! Chug that shit! :p
  5. I only drink it straight.
    My buddies mix it with Dew.
    But I just wanna get fucked up, not drink a two-liter of Dew.
  6. The good thing about vodka is that it mixes well with just about anything.
  7. Gettin drunk durin the days mad fun take shots man
  8. Any juice works well. Cranberry juice and OJ are my favs for Vodka.
  9. Even though you don't drink much, 1/4 of a water bottle isn't much. If you wanna feel its full effect then just chug that shit and chase it with something.

    The trick is to avoid breathing through your nose until after you've chased the shot. I find this helps avoid tasting the nasty vodka at all .
  10. I've heard about this wonder.
    How many bears will fuck you up?
    If your using like 80 proof?
    I'm to lazy to click and expect you to answer all my inquiries :wave:
  11. ^These are awesome!

    Although if you're looking to get drunk today you're not gonna want to make these.
  12. From what I understand, the best way to get completely blitzed with this method is to soak the gummies in Sake. Sake plus gummybear sugar rush equals either insane drunk experience or mad panic, as per regular users.
  13. I just want to get fucked up. But I mean I'm gonna take two shots and mix the rest with OJ. Plus I have a very low tolerance.
  14. Here's how much I got:

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  15. [quote name='"xJord4n"']Here's how much I got:[/quote]

    That'll get you buzzin for sure! Couple shots and mixing the rest like you said sounds like a good idea to me
  16. Just blew my mind man. This is happening!
  17. Just don't blame me if it goes horribly wrong:D

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