Whats the best way to clean a bong?

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  1. Mines coated in resin.
  2. With a spoon

    Spoons love resin
  3. Get a long spoon
  4. Are u fuckin retarted? Im not tryin to clean my colon.
  5. Haha calm down killer

    Use iso alcohol and salt if you wanna be a cheap fucker

    Or get some 420 cleaner.

    You're welcome
  6. Simple green does wonders for me. Around $10 for a gallon at Ace hardware I believe.

    Everyone has their own ways.
  7. Diarrhea
  8. I use Acetone, melts that shit right away. Highly flammable and should only be used outdoors...and don't even think about smoking when you use it....

  9. why not?
  10. As I said in my post; it is highly flammable, because it evaporates very quickly leaving a cloud of evaporated acetone around you. If you some how make a spark or light a lighter it will produce a fireball around you.....
  11. Grundge off. Nuff' said.
  12. Dump it in some clorax take out and wipe
  13. Try getting a plug for all the holes and such

    My bongs 18 inches and I just fill it with iso alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

    and pour in some salt, plug it up, and just shake

    Try to find 90% or higher alcohol, it really helps get everything off quickly.
  14. i soak it in laundry powder and boiling water, give it a good shake until all the resins being pulled off the walls, then rinse the fuck out of it
  15. 91% iso + salt shake and swirl, let sit with more alcohol for a few minutes and then do so once more.

    Use lemon juice drops to take away funky flavor. Mix with water and rinse.

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