whats the best way to break an old piece?

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  1. i have an old buddies piece and its a real piece of shit now. its glass and its got to be about 3 years old so the resin build-up is unbelievable. its my everyday pipe ATM, but its clogged and needs to be put to rest so i plan on breaking it tomorrow and seeing what three years of build up is like.
    anyone got some tips on a good clean way to break a bowl in half, no glass shards everywhere and whatnot:confused:
  2. wtf just used iso and salt no need to break it
  3. seriously ^^. just clean it and retire it, piece that old has to have some memories. why would you break it??
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    yea dude idk why you would be set on breaking it lol. there are plenty of ways to clean a pipe. if it's glass it should look just about good as new after you clean it.

    i bet you could get high for a few days just res hitting that pipe lol.

    edit: if anything, give it to a budding young stoner! that's how i got my first pipe.
  5. 1. Take some time and scrape out all the resin
    2. Smoke that shit
    3. Clean with iso and salt
    4. Retire fully intact piece
  6. Don't fucking break it. Scrape the resin smoke the shit out of it. Then clean your piece with salt and alcohol and sell it to a friend.
  7. Here's another don't break it post.

    Pipes are too beautiful to destroy, don't shatter your memories.
  8. If it was a bong I'd say mortar down the tube but there's no cool way to break a pipe. Just clean it.
  9. :eek: BLASPHEMY :eek: Never break an old peace... its just... wrong...
  10. that is really wasteful, you can use a paperclip with the tip bent by plyers a little bit, that will be allow you to basically scrape it all out if you candedicate 20mins-1.5 hours on it... you can always boil it and shake it up with the rush and the main hole clogged then when youre shakiung it and stopping the motion let go of the rush and it will splurge out resinthen you filter hte resin out of the water with papertowels and you let it dry out over night... the easiest way is to just usea paperclip though breaking it is a stupid waste, next time you reup youre gonna have to buy a bag and a pipe ; )
  11. Boiling makes the whole kitchen and surrounding area smell like resin. Not pleasant whatsoever.
  12. is it a crappy pipe if so i dont see the harm in smashing it bust try to score the glass on the side of the pipe all the way around dunno how u would do that though with out bying something or just smsh it in a bag and scrape all the peices to get the res and smoke up :smoking:
  13. inside trash bag + super smash
  14. soak it with iso and let it evaporate
  15. I'd say clean it, but if your heart is set on breaking it then put it in a bag that won't tear and drop it on the sidewalk or something else made of stone.
  16. Never boil a bowl! It will crack! Use hot to the touch water, to loosen up the tar. Scape with preferred method. Strain water though coffee filter. Smoke.

    Get a small bowl of iso and salt. Put piece in let it sit, then plug holes shake. Repeat.
  17. Thanks blades i got some good insight. I didnt really wanna boil because i heard it stinks up the house and my girlfriend would probably be livid. I was only set on breaking it cause its so god damned clogged i wanna break it while im smoking.
    After all the replies, i think im going to scrape it and like you all said, then iso it.
    Save the piece because it has memories and you never know who i could sell it to:cool:
  18. Thats the spirit! even if you cant sell it, give it away. there are lots of less fortunate stoners everywhere. i bet you got a friend who has a friend who has no pipe that would be thrilled. And you never know, karma could just roll your way (pun intended). Good toking man! ~peace~
  19. Idk why you would ever want to break anything?

    Like why would you want to break a bong?

    I don't understand...I'm so confused about this thread.

    Who asks for tips on breaking shit anyway?
  20. never break a piece i seen a kid smash a bong with a hammer cause he got a new one and instead of giving it away he did the worst...build up a collection of aton of old pieces and then you can pass them on to your kids (if you will let them smoke) keep the pieces alive!!!scrape and clean. hot knife the resin or smoke it

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