what's the best vape to conceal odor?

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  1. I live in the basement at my parents house, they can't know I'm still smoking (been caught before). Just wondering what the best vaporizer is for odor control. I would love to smoke inside again or just have to open a window and turn on a fan or burn some incense. I could also buy a sploof/ doob tube.
  2. MFLB without a doubt
  3. Though I've heard that gives Shitty hits, as in small and takes really long to get you high, and can't get you as high? Are these rumors true?
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    With the right technique, you can get nice size hits, but it's not designed as a heavy hitter. It's designed as a very stealthy portable with very little smell.

    It doesn't smell as much a a heavy hitting vape because it's not a heavy hitting vape.

    IMHO, the portable that smells the least is the MFLB. The home vapes that smelled the least were the PD's and CRZ log type vapes, which are no longer made.

    All vapes will smell less if you vape at a lower temperature with a minimum load.
  5. To be honest, when I had my MFLB, there were a couple times when I'd vape in the bathroom with the window open and exhaust fan on, come in 15 mins later and you can tell it doesn't smell "right"

    Didn't exactly smell like bud, but it is noticeable that something was burnt, almost like burnt popcorn. Any time of air freshner helps but then its noticeable to your rents that you're spraying for some reason

    Especailly if you've gotten caught, they'll be able to tell, maybe not the first few times, but eventually they'll catch on

    Also, once you open up the cover to remove the vaped bud and put new fresh bud in, the whole room will reek, atleast mine did, and I tried doing it as quick as possible with 2 small containers I had.

    In the end, the MFLB was good for public bathrooms (school, work, theathers, etc), but at home, someone will figure it out after a few weeks. I was using a carbon sploof too, but you can still tell something smelt different.

    My opinion is respect their choice about not toking in the house. Pick up a Solo or different vape, put it in a McDonalds cup with everything else, take a walk around to the neighborhood, garage, porch, patio, roof, whatever, and vape there.

    You also have to remember if you just vaped 10 mins ago, your sense of smell is sort of desensitized, so you can't tell as much as someone else who just walked in

    If you can't get caught, a vape won't solve your problems, still have to go outside
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    MR_ brings up some good points. While the MFLB may smell the least of all the other vapes on the market (as long as you stay in the medium temp ranges), it will still smell. All vapes do to a certain extent.

    He also gave you the absolute best advice that anyone can give you here. If you are still living with your parents, respect the fact that it is THEIR house that you are living in, not yours, and such, it is their rules you have to live by. If it is an affront to them to vape in their house.............don't do it.
  7. Makes sense. I think that's what I'll do. I'd rather not get caught.
  8. The prob with the MFLB is trying to stay in the "medium temp range" as well. Sometimes a whole trench and you're golden, low temps, light tan ABV.

    But other times, leave the battery connected for an extra half second, and you can get it a little black on the corners which will reek.

    I had the MFLB for 3 months, I grew out of it way too fast, although I did love it the first 3-4 weeks, then my tolerance went up.

    Get a vape that'll last you a while, my vote is the Solo since you need something portable and reliable.

    The NO2 is also something to look into, but I'd spend the dough on the Solo
  9. If you do end up getting the Solo, do 1 sesh in the house when you know no one will be there for a few hours. Run it on temp 3 and maybe 4, and see if it smells after 15-20 mins.

    Of course the higher you go up in temp, the more it will smell. I know temp 5 does smell for sure, my garage reeks an hour later after a couple bowls, more than enough for anyone to tell its bud and not popcorn.

    BTW, where you located? Anywhere near IL?

  10. In my experience I have realized that exhaust doesn't work with vape smell.

    If you suck air into the room it will quickly neutralize the smell.
  11. your experience doesn't make any sense.

    For air to leave a room ("exhuast") it must also enter a room ("suck air into...").

    Unless you're making a vacuum with your room... which no one is doing.

    Gas laws man. :smoke:

  12. I use to own 2, (one got taken confiscated the other I gave away after I got tired of it) they don't give shitty hits as in they're potency is weak compared to other vapes or how well it vapes, BUT like you said the hits are rather small so it can take a while to get high if you smoke around a gram every other day or more.

    When my tolerence was really low, then it's not a problem, but when it got sort of high it'd take me about 9 hits or so to get pretty high. Now, if I wanted to just get blown like I do from a bong it could take more.

    I personally liked it for how stealthy it was, how much weed it conserved (I'd get like 12-15 hits out of a trench), and that vaping is better for your body. But all in all I disliked it for how long it took to get high so I gave it to a friend.

    My suggestion is that you get a different portable vape. There's much nicer ones out there that the vaping community can point you to. Even if it costs you more (and it will) save up for a nicer vape.
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    From my experience, vaporizers do have a smell if your sitting in a closed up room. If the person your trying to hide it from knows you smoke weed the smell will make them suspicious especially if they come in and smell it more than just once or twice. Most likely they wont come in yelling immediately like if you just smoked a joint because it does not smell like weed. They will most likely have a perplexed look on their face and brush it off. Again, unless your room constantly smells like that.

    On the flip side, if they dont know you smoke then they will not have a clue. Even if they used to smoke weed when they were younger. But they might question it.

    I recommend using a toilet paper cardboard tube and blowing it out the window or making a sploof (google it) if getting to a window is impractical. Only because them finding a sploof is pretty much the same as them finding your stash if they have any kind of pot awareness.

  14. Intake has fresh air coming in. Exhaust has old air coming in which does not have the same odor as fresh air so it will not neutralize the smell.

    Sorry for being unclear.
  15. How's the solo?
    I am trying to get two new pieces and I want one of those to be a portable vape (I already have the MFLB)
    But just dont know what I want/ what to get
  16. Ive got an extreme Q, i hoot fat clouds, my mom doesn't say anything about smell.

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