Whats The Best Vape-Pen To Get For Oils And Waxs For 100 Dollars Or Less?

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  1. Currently looking to buy a vape pen somewhere preferably in store theres quite a few head shops around my parts i'm just looking for some feedback and info on some vape pens you know about. The one that i'm looking at the moment is the hit it once, what do you think bout that one?

  2. I bought the atmos thermo w from my LHS for $75 and I love the thing to death. Real easy to use and somewhat conservative on the oil. The only drawbacks I find is that you can only load up like a dab or two's worth at a time for it to work properly. If you put in too much it clogs up real easy. Another thing worth mentioning that the cap tends to fall off when it's in my pocket so i'm always cleaning out lint from it which.
    The atmos is in the same design as the Cloud vape and a few others i've seen. I've also heard some good things about the Gentleman's brand vape as well as the Delta 9 Vapes too so you might wanna take a look into those too.
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    Honestly, don't waste your $.  The cloud and atmos thermo both have a very fragile (and costly 20$) heating chamber.  I went through 3 cloud chambers in the 2 weeks I owned one, shit.  Also it gets filthy and has no filter to stop the oil/wax from melting down the mouth piece into your mouth.  I smiled after ripping my pen and my teeth were coated with oil.  Nasty shit.  Also, if you leave the pen laying down the oil will run into mouthpiece and stick to sides wasting your shit.  Then if you leave it striaght up and down the oil will drip into your battery ruining the battery and requiring a week for them to ship a new one.  The cloud also burnt the inside of my throat, really pissing me off.  I've sucked in burning roaches by accident sometimes, but no pain compairs to a raw throat from using a shitty pen with no filters.  Real shit-show of a pen, I loved it for a few days and now I'd rather lick dirt than hit this pen again.  I literally felt like someone was rubbing burning coals from my chin down my esophagus.  I can't say this with less certainty, DO NOT GET THIS PEN.  Well, unless you enjoy hurting, spitting brown wax up, and spending 20$ a week on new shitty atomizers that are made to break.  
    Let me ask you this:  If the cloud is "under warranty" why wouldn't they put the atomizer (that breaks constantly) under the warranty?  OOO let me tell you why, IT WAS MADE TO BREAK AND COST YOU MORE $.  This is the product manufactured by a very greedy company.  If you really want a cloud that much, shit hmu you can have mine for free.  I haven't touched it in months.
    As for the atmos thermo I broke the atomizer within 24 hours.  Not worth it at all.  It, like the cloud, also has the wax-in-mouth issue.  Plus the Atmos company sent me the old design of the Atmos thermo instead of the newer for the same cost.  They sent me a plastic heating chamber.. great.  After my fourth dab I noticed all of the black around the ceramic chambeI r was melted.  Thanks for the cancer you probs sped up Atmos.  I already smoke cancer sticks on occassion, I do not need any more risk factors. I kind of have a bone to pick with cheap vape pens.
    Atmos raw is my vape pen I own and I got it for 140$, honestly, just save up for this bad boy if you really want a good vape pen.  This one actually has not one, but two filiters in it.  It is 100% ceramic and stainless steel.  No plastic fumes at all.  It looks like a replacable blu ecig and even lights up while heating giving it the ultimate swagger for a pen.  The heating chamber is boss, a spiral shaped coil at the bottom allows for all concentrates to be completely vaporized.  Also can be used with flowers! It has a warranty on it also, the only part that might break is the heating coil, but with my warranty it is a 20$ replacement.  I've never heard of a battery breaking, but they vouch to replace any broken RX battery unit for free (if under warranty).
    On the other hand, if you live in Colorado, get the REM Pen. which would you rather pay?  30$ or 140$ for a great pen? or 65$, 70$ for a piece of garbage that I promise will shit on you within a week. The REM Pen is the  Best freaking pen I've owned and for 30$.  Sure, having to buy new cartridges blows, but it tastes better, hits harder, and lasts longer than any pen I've owned for under 100$.  It's also made to fit in a 14mm downstem so you can rip it through almost any bong's downstem for a fatty vapor hit that doesn't burn at all.  
    Either save 40$ more for the Atmos RX or get the REM pen if in CO.  (IDK if they're sold in other states)  Please, for my and your sake, DO NOT get the cloud.  I said fuck the thermo 24 hours after my purchase so I can't really talk shit about it, but the cloud vape is shit.  Well not so much the vape, more the atomizer.  
    I personally love both my pens, but I have a new found love for the REM pen.  I bought it after asking my friend if he knew of any pens that looked/hit like the refillable ecigs.  He showed me his REM pen and I fell inlove with the design, the taste, the milky vapor, and the price.  The fact that I can walk into a dispensary and buy a cartridge for 25$ and have it be an infinite different kinds of weed is a plus too.  What sold me though?  The fact I've owned this thing for 4 weeks and I haven't needed to clean it once.  The RX needs to be cleaned at least 2-3 times a week depending on use and the cloud/thermo needs to be cleaned after almost every use if you aren't trying to eat wax.  The REM pen has an oil cartridge that requires no cleaning, only a replacement once completely vaporized.  
    I cannot emphasize this enough.  THE REM PEN IS THE BEST TASTING VAPE PEN I'VE EVER OWNED.  Every drag is like a greened bowl.  And every cartridge has an unique taste to it (being different strains of weed).  
    Also screw the pax, it's just an overpriced RX with a weird shape.  I can't even rip my bong with it.  FAIL

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