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Whats the best type of blunts to smoke (Dutch, Bluntville, White owl, etc.)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bluntmanOG, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. You saw the title, what do you think is your favorite type of blunt to smoke, what is the usual one you use and prefer? and which is the easiest and most convenient?
  2. I usually either use Dutch Masters or Games. Just personal preference though. I don't know about easiest, there's really never a situation where I can't get one of those two so I haven't experimented much haha.
  3. White Owl! In the tube of course. :cool:
  4. grape swisher.

    grape white owl is good too, easier to roll if youre on the go
  5. I don't notice a difference between the smokage any of them :confused: just me.
    However, I like Phillies to roll a lot better than Swishers.
  6. white owls, royal blunts
  7. White Owls and Games, depending on if were rolling <2g or >3g respectively hehe.

    There the best. Swishers are good for personal blunts just over a gram, and blunt wraps are good if your drunk.
  8. The only Swish I roll up are XL baby haha. :cool:
  9. white grape white owl, easiest to roll and not a bad b to smoke.
    but if i got time on my hands i will always choose a strawberry dutch master.
  10. im a big white owl fan. i only smoke white grape white owls. unless someone else picks up the blunt wrap
  11. I always go with a nice strawberry dutch every time.

    Bluntvilles would probably be good for a beginner as it comes with basically 2 outer and inner leaves, giving the roller more then one chance to fuck up or not.

    but yeah, i think dutchies >
  12. i used to be a big wine swisher fan.
    then i got white grape white owls and i get those whenever i can.

    I havent seen any dutchmasters around here. how much do they run for?
  13. I remember the day those came out. Rolled up a FAT L. Twas a great day :cool:
  14. dutches around here go for $1.75 at my local gas station
  15. they are .93 cents here, end up being like $1
  16. I like the green apple zig zag blunt wraps...they just started carrying them at all the 7-11's around me so it's always easy to find 'em too.
  17. I dunno if you all have heard of it. But there's a local shop in southern oregon here that carries a cone called Wonderberry. it's sooooo good. Or the "Trips" wraps from Juicy jays
  18. Pssh I havent been to a 7-11 since I moved from FL :(
  19. i really like the peach swishers.they've never failed me

  20. White Owl: White Grape MMMMMMMMM

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