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whats the best to grow outdoors? sativa or indica

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by potsmoker995, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. whats the best to grow outdoors? sativa or indica

    any help would be much appreciated
  2. Sativa really can only be grown well outdoors because of their towering size. I suppose if you had a warehouse or something to grow in, it would be feasible. But, on the other hand, depending on your location on Earth you may not be able to grow Sativas. They have a very late flowering finish and in Northern parts of the world cold temperatures become a serious threat to finishing Sativas.

    What you want to look for is a mix between the two. Find something that has Indica dominance for the finishing time and then also Sativa traces so that you can get part of that wonderful energetic high.
  3. you should aim for indica sativa cross which should give you hearty plants, good heavy dry weight and as well as good potency but most importantly an early finisher

  4. Agree, and almost all strains ARE a sativa/indica cross of some proportion.
  5. Like above have said you need a hybrid mix if you want sativas.
    Check out different strains, I've seen some sativa dominants that have decent finishing times,.
  6. I grew Power Skunk this past winter. A sativa dominate cross that made LOTS of tight frosty buds in around 135 days from planting the seed to harvest.

    The seed bank says 55 days flowering time, but I cut mine at 70 days because the trichomes were still clear before then.

  7. i have power skunk now
  8. Hope you like it as much as I am.
  9. Strains I have grown that finished before october are durban poison(dutch passion) early girl (sensi seeds) and himalaya gold (ghs).

    It would help if you told us how long your growing season is. You may be limited, but also have many variety's to choose from.
  10. Dread Cheese Is a Really Good one to grow very strong and spicy taste madly high!!!!!
  11. I live in Brasil so sativas are best to grow here because is very sunny, near the equator line! but if you live in the USA maybe you should look for indicas or a hybrid.

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