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Whats the best time for a JOINT?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by John Lennon, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Ive been always more of a glass user (bowls, bongs, bubblers). I have those tools, but seriously, a joint is always pleasant... for me is actually a better way to enjoy the herb rather than the high.
    Moments like these, alone at home with some music... seems like time for a joint.
    What about you? When do you like to put aside any kind of smoking piece and light a paper one?

  2. Smoking a joint is a ton of fun with mates. We on purpose put a few seeds in and you here a seed pop who ever says the choosen word gets 2 hits extra
  3. when ive got a headache.. or if theres no plans for the day ill call some friends over to my place and we'll light up a dime or two
  4. Any and all hours of the day

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  5. Outdoor festivals.....shared
  6. NEVER put seeds in anything you smoke. Ugh that shit tastes NASTY! 
    I smoke blunts 99.9% of the time unless im smoking hash/wax
    theyre perfect for anywhere. One person, five peole, walking through a park, anything!
    Taste as good when you light it as it does at the roach. I dont like glass or any piece for that matter because unless you clean it after every smoke it tastes like ASS and once you burn the top of the bud it all tastes like youre smoking ash.
    So i stick to the swisher sweets! 
    i can't imagine a dirty bong tasting worse than nasty ass cheap cigar tobacco..
    I guarantee it does.
    Get some original swisher sweets. No flavor, all kuh. No resin thats been sitting in water for days/weeks/months. No bowl head covered in ash/resin. It burns in a way that helps keep flavor instead of charring the whole nug.
    Also, to those who will say "you cant taste anything but the tobacco" get some better weed.  hahaha
    The other problem is alot of people arent good at rolling blunts. If you roll em too loose they burn too hot and can taste like the paper.
    But i havent rolled a bad blunt in 5+ years give or take. haha. Id roll one for anyone and theyd be converted.
  9. I started smoking through blunts, did so for the first five years or so of smoking, I still will use one (if brought to me) if I have 4+ heads. But I switched to paper (better taste, and taste the bud without anything changing the taste, just my opinion) and then glass. I really prefer my glass pieces, even over my vaporizer (which I never even use anymore either, but vaping tastes the best), the EQ vape.
    Just my two cents. Blaze on..

    Fuck your French, and excuse my Ebonics....
  10. I smoke two joints in times of peace, and two in times of war.
  11. I smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints than I smoke 2 more
  12. For me, I smoke a joint when I dont feel like walking to the woods in the snow to smoke from one of my bowls. I just roll up a joint and smoke it in front of my dorm and have never had any problems.
  13. Concerts, going on a ride, hiking, with friends.
  14. This is a great idea for friends, thank you for posting this!
  15. 2 in the morning, 2 at night, 2 in the afternoon... it makes me feel alright
  16. forreal tho like you said, I like to roll up and throw my headphones on and zone out... or with a few friends, just an easier way to smoke together then passing glass
    im with ya, I used to only smoke blunts, gotta roll em right with original flavor swisher with a lot of bomb ass weed (cant roll a blunt with .8 or its all paper).. if you do it right it tastes like some fruity greens on each hit! 
  18. Best time for a joint? Anytime. Same as a bowl or blunt or bong. If you got it, smoke it. Doesn't matter how, whatever's fitting to the occasion or situation. As long as your stoned, your doing it right;)
  19. I like em for nature walks, concerts, getting newbies high, bringing to parties, anytime I'm on the go is a good time.

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