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whats the best smell proof container?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by BobbyBlaze, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. whats the best smell proof container?
    the shit i picked up today is SOOOO DANK, im afraid someones gunna smell it, i need a smell proof container thats pocket sized.

    right now it's in a ziplock baggie corner, cut off and melted shut, then i put that inside a luacas candy bottle thing, and you can still smell it good!

    please help,
    my sisters have been around, and there snitches

  2. Try to find an air tight Tupperware or something. To. Check if it is air tight just put it under water and see if water seeps in.
  3. Well for pocket size there aint much that is complyetly smell proof if the bag and candy bottle dont work. What u can do is get an air tight mason jar and put it in there. Or you could wait until tonight and roll up a fat blunt and smoke it all and have the greatest night of your life.
  4. hahaha i vote roll a blunt. but yea mason jars are really good
  5. Jar. With a metal cap, not plastic. Mason jars are good, but any jar with a metal cap will do.
  6. look around for little jars. i found one that used to have a tiny bit of jam in it and it completely contained the smell last week. my friend's mom found her weed because it smelled so strong haha, and i had mine in my jar and was fine
  7. These are all good suggestions, but the best way to keep away weed smell is a vacuum sealer device. If you want to be really ape shit, a vacuum sealed bag inside a ziplock bag.

  8. Mason jar
  9. You can buy small mason jars that are small enough to fit in your pocket, they are about 2 1/2" X 2 1/2", and im currently using them to store my weed, got them at a hardware store for a couple bucks each.
  10. any glass jar
  11. I heard the search function is pretty smell proof. I reccomend you try it.
  12. wrap it in some activated carbon pouches haha
  13. Use either a mason jar or a pill bottle (try getting a bigger one). Those work great. Hope this helps.
  14. I use mason jars for nulk. But for pocket size i use a pill bottle but i cover it with plastic inside
  15. i use an air tight tubberware container, its a perfect size.
  16. whatever you put it in, stuff it full of dryer sheets. but dont wrap the weed its self in it
  17. get a perscription bottle or you can put it in an empty film cannister IF you wash it out and also bag it or even double bag it (because of some chemical in film)
  18. http://tightvac.com/

    Good for the smell. The plastic gets staticky and your shake will be all over the lid; I recommend keeping it in a baggie first.

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