Whats the best peice for Hash

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  1. Well i've been toking for about 4 years now, and am quite experienced in bud, but i haven't had that much experience with hash(theres never any around here, because most people think that doing anything else with the bud besides smoking as is, is a waste of bud:confused:),
    so i was just wondering which is the best method for smoking hash, and i have a good few tools for smoking,

    hot knives,
    bottle tokes,
    joints etc

    i was just wondering which would be the best method for smoking, and which would get my the highest, the easiest, and with little or no waste, im not a n00b, just not to familiar with hash

    thank you
  2. if its a block of hash I usually go with a pipe.
  3. being honest i find hash nicest in a joint but thats my own personal preference, but if your looking to get high quicker i presume a pipe would be your best option
  4. Brew some bots. Hash bots are very nice :).
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyEPv3v5Kr8]YouTube - SMOKE HASH!![/ame]
  6. that video is sick he gets insane milk from that. i think the best way to smoke hash is through a concentrate bowl. i know illadelph makes them not sure who else does.
  7. honestly bro, I use any of my pieces all you need is some screens and put it on there or if it is fullmelt and soft you can spread it on your bud.
    Happy tokin and a little hash can take you a long long waysssssssssss :hello:
  8. thank you for posting this - it is the best way to smoke hash. you can also put the pin through a paperback book or something of the sort to keep it in place.


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