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Whats the best part of weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by buddha16, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Okay this might be kinda hard to explain but hopefully u guys will understand haha but i just bought an o of Cracker Jack and there are sum huge nugs in there.

    Im wondering which part has the most thc, am i looking for the most crystals?hairs?

    Where wud that be? wud that be at the center around the stems or on the outside?

    or is everything just the same? hahaha
  2. Most crystals...it will be all over and inside the buds...honestly...just smoke the weed cause it is allllllllllllllll good ::smoke::
  3. the top of the bud also known as indo. But really i don't see any reason to worry about it
  4. u can grind it up and collect the keif and then sprinkle that in ur joint or bowl....if u have a grinder with a keif holder
  5. The best part of weed is all of it!:bongin:
  6. get a little magnifying glass or jewelers loupe and look at the bud, the shiny, sugary, crystally looking "trichromes" are what contains the most psychoactive ingredients.
  7. im pushin sum of this stuff
    wud it be dum to grind it and keep the keif then sell?
  8. I personally refuse to buy pre-ground ganja. Primarily because I don't know if it's been cut w/ oregano. When I buy weed, I want it still on the buds. But hey, if you can find somebody to buy it ground up, then more power to you I guess.

  9. Depends on who your selling it to. If you wanna sell to a bunch of highschoolers or people who are new to smoking yea. But if I went to make a pick up and my dealer gave me some grinded shit I would tell him to call me when he has some real weed. As far as the best part of weed it is all of it. Don't be dumb. Just take out a little to smoke it doesn't make any sense to use a magnifying glass to see which spots have barely anymore thc. You will get the same high from any part of the bud since the thc levels won't be super different.
  10. what he said ^^^
  11. ya aight haha i got it
    thanks alot

    lol is there a way to just end this thread :smoking:

  12. You could delete it but there is no reason to. Since the next time someone has this question they will search it.

  13. This is true. The tops of plants are grown indoors and the bottoms are grown outdoors.

    lol wut?
  14. the seeds and stems are the best part!!!! :D
  15. That's what i always heard indo meant in rap songs, like the tops of the buds. But yea indoor makes more sense haha idk
  16. just smoking it.. and be high as fuck
    both of those :D
  17. the very tip of the nugs is the most potent part, but the potency will be generally the same throughout the buds. the potency at the tip of the buds vs the base of the buds is generally very, unnoticeably similar.
  18. I think youre thinking of Endo
  19. you're crazy, seeds give me headaches and they pop!

  20. good god. "endo" is just a mispronunciation of indo.

    It's not grown in "endo"nesia either.

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