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What's the best part about being blazed and cooking dinner?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by clinsanity, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Everything comes out tasting relatively great.

    What's the worst part about tonight?
    I realized how bad of a cook I am lolol.
  2. The best part is that your about to munch down.

  3. God damn, you're right.
  4. I love cooking while high :D its fun and when your done you munch!!
  5. I feel like a chef and I tend to talk to my self when I am high and cooking haha
  6. Trying not to eat while cooking dinner
  7. Munching while your cooking :D
  8. Knowing that in a little bit you are going to eat that delicious meal.
  9. Cooking is like rolling a joint. It takes up a little bit of your time, but enjoying the end product is well worth the effort.
  10. i like when its complete and you eat it you dont say a damn word the whole time lol
  11. Aint nuthin like bein high blastin the beatles and cookin some ramen. Ahhhhh ghetto munchies xD
  12. Knowing that what ever you've been grabbing/stirring/mixing/microwaving/baking/burning will taste amazing, NO MATTER WHAT. lol

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