What's the best (or your favorite) grinder and why?

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  1. Title says it all...

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  2. Chromium Crusher. This thing kicks ass. Shreds anything in its path. However, I don't know if it was designed for the herb, but it does it's job flawlessly.

  3. I've had dozens of grinders over the years.Some were really expensive, some were really cheap. They all ground up weed just fine. They all did it the same way. The only difference I ever found between a cheap grinder and an expensive grinder was the price. Grinding up weed isn't a difficult or precarious process, there's no reason that a grinder should cost over $10.
  4. I've used a Santa Cruz shredder for a few months now, preferring it over my space case titanium grinder. The Santa Cruz is my favorite so far because the kief screen is a lot better than the space case.
    Also, the way the kief chamber is built there's no need for a pick you can handle the kief with your fingers, which I prefer.
  5. Also the Santa Cruz Shredder. I can't imagine wanting to buy another grinder after this. Really the only reason I'd get another grinder now is if I bought a 2 or 3 piece SCS to compliment my 4 piece.
  6. Personally, I'd go with a plastic grinder with the pyramid teeth and a pollen screen honestly think they do a better job than the metal ones with them straight teeth
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  7. Personally, my favorite would be my mini (1.6 inch) 4 piece chromium crusher. It's sufficient for solo use and small enough to hide behind my computer monitor on my desk so no one finds it. Plus, it's less than $15 shipped from amazon.
  8. Sharpstone, they have s shaped teeth that will shred anything. I've had one for 8 years and its still going strong. Got bored with it and gave it to a friend, got a new purple one lol.
  9. Cali crusher. Not the fancy ones but the plain red 4 piece. Been working good for about a year or so. Only problem is really resiny/ moist weed locks it up other then that it does what it's designed to do
  10. I use a Magic Bullet, "herb grinders" are usually a huge waste of money.
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  11. I use a POS EZ-Grind that my friend left for me whenever he moved out. It sucks, but it gets the job done and it's better than using my hands.
    My favorite grinder I've used is a Space Case 4pc or a Diamond 2pc grinder (that was my first <3).
  12. Yeah, that's why i like the grinder that came with my Crafty vaporizer best.. it just works so good. Can't catch kief with it though, but i have a metal 4 piece for that.
  13. i like my space case
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