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Whats The Best Movie You Watched When You Were Stoned?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bamboobam, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. The best one that I've seen would oddly have to be Willy Wonka. Movie's trippy when you're high.

  2. lol children of the corn haha fridays good if its accually friday and u aint got shit to do..
    hurculese is good too 
  3. cant remember the last time i watched a movie not stoned lol
    i rarely touch live action or american releases but i watch tons of anime, recently saw the newest Eva movie which was awesome, and i saw a film called Wolf Children that was just beautiful recently
  4. i watched avatar in 3d at home it was dank but how high is also good. 
  5. "Heavy Metal", the first one.
  6. A Clockworks Orange. That's such a great movie 
  7. Half baked

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  8. Pineapple express,
    Harold and Comar go to white castle,
    High School
    Half Baked
  9. Disney movies are the bomb high some of my my friends find it funny that I have a ton of Disney bluerays some of my favs are
    Finding nemo
    Willy wonka
    A bugs life
    And many more
  10. OMG....The original "EXORCIST"....!!!!!!
  11. The matrix inception 21 jump street and Pineapple Express lol
  12. Up In Smoke, classic but amazing high
  13. "I thought the hurricane season was over.!"
    My wife and i LOVE pineapple express..we say this line alllll the time..
  14. Rubber, definitely Rubber...  :ey:
  15. It's sad that i'm mentioning this movie, it's not the best but first time i watched it baked off my ass i laughed hystericlly the whole time, Jack and Jill.
  16. Oh shit dude a bug's life! I forgot all about that one.
  17. The Big Lebowski. Not anything else comes close
  18. Up is awesome stoned. Can't even lie.
  19. Bad Santa recently....Its just funny as fuck
  20. Not many people I know have seen it...

    But A Scanner Darkly.

    Crazy movie

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