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Whats the best method of smoking for depression?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Vdubstoner, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. I've come into a slump this past month and found myself pretty depressed. I only have access to one kind of bud and can't get a good sativa. What's the best way?
  2. The one that gets smoke in your lungs?
  3. definitely gotta take huge hits. either a few bong hits or a joint followed by a bowl. hang in there man!
  4. im sorry man i definitely feel you. im in the same boat. if a good sativa is what brings you up then i say seek it out. ask around and try some new dealers. i was in the same position as you where all my one dealer was bringing in was sativa or sativa dominant strains and i missed the lathargicness of a good indica. but remember, just because smoking the buds you have isnt doing it for you doesnt mean baking it into edibles wont!
  5. Weed isnt going to help. You have to fix the root of the problem first.
  6. Don't do that
  7. One thing that should be noted though is that it CAN help in some circumstances.

    I have bipolar disorder, and when I am feeling manic, to a point where I am really anxious and unhappy because I feel so "high" and not myself, I find that after a night of heavy smoking, and a day of recovery (If I smoke all Saturday night, and spend Sunday cleaning up, and getting a nice shower and grooming myself), I find that I am in better emotional control, and feel more normal.

    Maybe it's a coincidence and I am just naturally cycling, but there have been times where after I smoke when I'm manic, I feel very optimistic and productive, and feel like myself.
  8. best often?

    jk! I'm pretty sure they're all effective. but, I would probably smoke pretty slowly, over a longer period of time. allow yourself to relax. on a side note...meditation helped a ton with my depression.
  9. in a very relaxing way, not stressful at all, somewhere safe I guess
  10. As a person who does medicate for depression, I would say it is best to do a very small amount once or twice a week, and be very cautious about smoking too much because it can have the opposite effect.

    If you can't find sativas or sativa dominants or your dealer isn't sure, you can get a sativa-like effect by vaping your weed instead of smoking. I bought an MFLB because it was within my price range and had a lifetime warranty.

    Save your vaped weed for edibles or hash, or even smoking later, if you wish, the high cannabinoid content will relax you on those nights when you can't get to sleep.

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