Whats the best method for my tent?

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    Imo, 2- 600W mh/HPS are perfect for your 4x4 tent. Any more is overkill. You get twice the light energy for not much more $$ than 2-400w setup. Heat has to be a major consideration. Do you have enough ventilation? If heats an issue, try 600W cooltubes.

    Also, this makes for a great scrog setup, which really helps yield.

    Good luck in your endeavors!;)

    Edit..just noticed about portable air conditioner. Seems like a lot of extra energy expense to me.
  2. I'm with this guy. ^^^ fuck the tent section off that side of the basement with Mylar more space is something your ladies and you will appreciate. Always go with cool tubes.. Or you will regret it. If you have a 240cfm on the intake side link them together and a 400cfm on the exhaust before the carbon filter you shouldn't even need a portable AC especially in a basement if you have fans and said inline fans..
  3. If you want to get an idea of what you need/make a list check out my grow journal.

  4. The only one that's ignoring you would be blutis. Because he's so busy trying to run off with olive oil. Lol hey brother.

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