Whats the best method for my tent?

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  1. Depends on situation. Is stealth an issue for him? We never know
  2. First off i would like to say thank you to everybody to commented. i didnt expect so many replies. i am still pretty new to this and am eager to start learning more.

    thats called a perpetual grow right? i would like to do that somehow im still researching all my options.

    As of right now i have 16 plants. in 2 gallon pots. 10 of them are regular seeds so im hoping for 8-10 female plants. and most of the seeds im growing are mostly indica. i.e Black russian, phatt fruity, brains choice and a ak auto seed.

    yeah im trying to maxamize my yield more and more each grow, buy more stuff to make my medicine better.

    i would like to be sort of stealthy im working with half a basement pretty much. thats why i have the tent set up and blocked off. but i could be interested in either buying or building a veg chamber.
  3. Well a perpetual grow would require two rooms but having two rooms is not necessarily a perpetual grow. If that makes sense.

    Also. Splitting the room. You have Options. You can cut the tent in half and have two 4x4x3 tents. Of that works for u.

    16 plants in a 4x4 is not going to happen. Also, if 80% of bag seeds were femme I would be surprised. My numbers are never that good with bag seeds. I could be wring
  4. I run 9 plants in each 4x4x7 tent under 1000 watters and pull 4oz a plant dry (depending on strain of course). Here's a couple pics from last night during watering.

    Don't laugh at my homemade pots either ;)

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  5. Hey stumpie.

    So my tent is kinda small and my plants are pushed up against the wall like yours. Do you notice any issues when growing with the side leaning against that wall?
  6. I use two six hundreds hps in my four and a half by five room. I am actually gonna add another six. So two grand is not too much for your tent bro at all. So long as you can keep the heat down.
    Tent full of ladies? You'll have a triple canopy jungle grown to its absolute full fruition. Go for it but plan for the heat. Also If it tends to be high heat you can also use co2

  7. Bro how long are you vegging. Nine plants under a 1000 bringing a qp each is really good
    I run two sixs and pull at least a qp some plants I'm pulling well over a qp but I only grow about ten and end up with eight or so. Usually I pull a qp per plant under the two lights with a 25 day veg. How long you vegging. Have you made a journal I wanna see the process.
  8. 2 600's in cool tubes linked together with 400cfm fan on exhaust side if you use the tent. If you ditch the tent.. 2 1000's in cool tubes w/400cfm fan on exhaust. :) happy growing. If you want to maximize yields you might wana look into a DWC system.
  9. Why is no one addressing the light penetration issues of a packed tent
  10. naw I just try to stake them so they're not like pressing on the wall, lightly touching is ok though

    Hey Numb, these ones had almost 8 weeks and were topped/trained/topped then super cropped until they were 8-10" off the pots but it was a little too long a veg period as I actually had to thin them a little the 3rd week from 12/12.
  11. I must have the plague
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    Lol I doubt that pops ;) my plants are about 18-20" tall now but I use 1000's so I don't think i have a penetration issue. I could be wrong though but I'm happy with yields so far.

    If you're running 400's you only put out around 50,000 lumens and my 1000's put out 145,000 so maybe that's the difference
  13. Damn..was beginning to think I'm on everyone's ignore list.lol
    I was thinking 50-60 day veg. It all makes sence for me now.
  14. I actually took out my 1k and replaced it with 2 600. Coverage is way better but I still need to lolipop to cut down on the popcorn bud.
  15. Yeah I do all my vegging under OD t8's and just flower under the 1000's but its my first time in tents so I'm experimenting a little still. In my other tent I just put in 3 HGK's that I vegged a little bigger so I'm gonna run them in half that tent and I've got 8 LSD's that are following them in 2 weeks or so in the other side to see which yield better.
  16. I'm a fan of vertical bulbs for even distribution of light. I have vertical 125watt CFL's on one of my big bitch's and the popcorn buds turned into fat ass buds. ;-) vertical bulbs are under rated IMO.
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    from what i understand a perpetual grow is basically flowering at different times so you have multiple harvests?

    i might have to look into cutting the tent. how many lights/watts would i be able to fit in there?

    out of the 16 plants i have 6 are females (3 clones) and 10 are brains choice regular seeds, so im only hoping for 3-5 females outta those 10. im actually only hoping for 30%-50% of females.

    what kind of issues are we talking?
  18. With a packed tent, light does not reach under the canapy very well. You end up with alot of immature buds. Side lighting would be a great alternative with a 1k. Personally I would not put more than 4 plants in a 4x4 at a time. For a perpetual or SOG, thats about a harvest every 2 weeks.
  19. i forgot to mention i have a few floro's that im using for side lighting right now. im not sure of the watts they were just laying around the house. if i lollipopped and used scrog that would help alot against the bottom of the plants right? and also i was looking at a 7,000 btu portable air condotioner, would that take care of the heat from 2000 watts? not to mention intake and outtake fans
  20. With all this cash your shelling out, Why a tent? And why a 4x4 tent? Sorry, I have to ask.

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