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Whats the best method for my tent?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MilwaukeeSmoke, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. I have a 4x4x7 tent. I have a 600 watt hps/mh light system that I've been growing with. I would like to have 2000 watts if that's possible. I'm looking into portable ac units.

    So my question is if you were growing in my tent with 2000 watts what kind of method would u use? Sog,scrog ect. And how many plants? I am also using big bloom and tiger bloom nutes. I'm looking for a method or ideas that will get me the largest yield. But I would only like to use soil as I am still learning.

    I also realize there is a lot of variables like skill, technique and strain that influence the yield. Any help will do, Thanks in advance!
  2. You don't need 2000 watts for a 4-4 tent man.
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    3 gal pots and full that bitch with clones or start all new plants what ever sea of green man 2000 watts is alot but will get you alot

    What I would do is make a shelf 3.5 feet up and put one light on the top and one on the bottom you could have 30 plants if done right

    But that's alot of heat sog for sure which ever way

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  4. 2000 is too much for one 4x4 tent. It's overkill that won't pay off in weight. I would either grab another 4x4 for your other light or get a 4x8 and you could fit about 18 decent sized plants in it.
  5. Do you have to have a tent I was running tents for a while and ditchin the tent was a great idea in my case

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  6. Too much light for such a small space.

    I'm using a 600 w hps for a 4x2

    I've got 4 plants and its a little tight.

    If you have another veg tent you should be good but 1 tent not split? You may want to rethink your set up or lower your expectations
  7. Use what you got and SCROG it you will have a better per gram vs wattage and a very good harvest with your current set up .
  8. What's the ideal wattage for a 4x4x7? I was thinking 2000w because I wanted the tent FULL of ladies.
  9. But will you flower in half of it and veg in the other half?

  10. Technically you could use 2000 watts in a 4x4x7 only during flowering, and ONLY IF you have some way of cooling that sucker down which is unlikely.
    Honestly it would be a waste of electricity doing 2000watts in that size of a tent as well, because of the number of plants you'd be limited to. For 2000watt's go for a 4x8 tent or 2 4x4 tents. Get a dimmable ballast you wont need all those watts during veg.
  11. Look at it this way. How many plants can't you fit in a 4x4?

    10-12? Depending on training method.

    Then decide how many watts you need for the plants you got
  12. Here's what you do man.

    Buy the 2k watts and throw away the tent.

    Or chop it up and use it to block light from getting out of the windows.

    I've done a bunch of tents and a bunch of lights. If you try and put 2k watts into that thing, you're going to need some serious ventilation, and even then it's debatable as to whether you'll ever get the right temps. It'll be really hard.

    Use a 6 inch 400 or so cfm can fan and link the 2 lights together. Then use your tent as a veg area and just throw fully vegged bushes under those 2k watts every week.

    You'll be glad you did, and you'll have more room to move around, and you'll actually be able to utilize those 2k watts.

    If you wanna use 2k watts, it's probably because you wanna chop down pounds. So if people tell you, "don't use that much light in a tent", then you gotta ask yourself, do I wanna chop down less than pounds? Or do I wanna ditch this tent?
  13. If you have your heart set on running 2 balasts, I would go with 2 400w in a 4 x 4. You would have great light penetration. Realistically, with a 45 day veg, you wont fit more than 4 plants in it.
  14. I've got 4 plants in my 2x4. But it's really tight
  15. That's 1200 watts less than he wants.

    Don't you think that's pretty substantial?

    You're costing him like a half a pound a month with that advice dude.
  16. I use a 5x5 and try to keep 4-5 in there. In and out every 2 weeks or so.
  17. That weight in a 4x4 tent isnt possible in my opinion.
  18. Light penetration is difficult at best. Save the electricity, or use the added Watts in side lighting leds

  19. Nah man. It's not an opinion. It's a fact. That's why I told him to ditch the tent. I'd rather have more light less tent than more tent less light.
  20. Were on the same page;)

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