What's the best light for my grow room?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Geko3, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Hi guys I'm planning on growing in my cellar only problem is the room is only 6 foot tall maybe just under, I plan on building a 6x6 grow room, this is my first grow and I always planned on using a 600w dual spec HPS but with the low ceiling won't my plants get to close to the light once they've grown and burn? Can someone please let me know if a 600w HPS would be okay at that height or point me to another light which would or better

    Thanks guys
  2. You're going to hear alot of opinions on what lights are better. I'm just commenting on the height of you're grow and using hps. You will be fine man if you control the heat. I grow in 5' tents and have temps easily under control. [​IMG]

    My 600 watt cool hoods 8" above plants without a problem
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  3. Hi Kill could you please check and reply my PM? thanks in advance:)
  4. Hi killset thanks for your help....so as long as I have an air cooled hood I should be fine
  5. it has to be set up right with a cool enough supply of fresh air. Also be exhausted correctly away from your grow . Plus the right size fan. Most people I see complain about hids have underpowered fans and incoming air that's not cool. Long duct runs, bends, filters, all create drag and have to be figured in no matter what set up you go with.

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