What's the best job you've had?

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  1. Personally the best job I have had was when I worked as a door to door fundraiser for a charity, Cancer Research UK, the reason for this is because it was an active job, apart from travel to the office to meet my team then travel to wherever we were working that day there was no time where i could be slow and be bored, plus at the end of the day i knew i'd done a good days work and got people to support the charity, and gave them information about cancer.
    I met people who have beat cancer, currently suffering from cancer and people who have lost loved ones to it.
    I got talking to at least 2-3 people a day that were obviously high, red eyes and smelt like a skunk, so that made if fun for the 10 minutes i was chatting to them at the door
    An old man, must have been about 80, was telling me stories about when he was in the navy as a young lad, while i was sat on the floor listening for about 20 minutes, i like to think that i made his day by not rushing off and staying there chatting for a bit
    The weather made it better oddly enough, my best day was when it was throwing rain down, i got home after my shift looking like a drowned rat, but i got 4 people to sign on to the charity on a £10 a month direct debit, and it made me feel good knowing i'm basically helping the research and saving peoples lives by doing what i was doing.

    What was you best job and why?

  2. Man, the best job I ever had was this place called Old Chicago, I was a pizza cook. We used to chill in the kitchen, cook the most badass pizzas, smoke every night after work, got paid some good money, hung out with awesome people. It was awesome.

    I remember every night me and my buddies Jorge and Jose would all kick it and roll a blunt, and then we'd cruise and bump the tunes all night. Best days of my life.
  3. Minus the bureaucratic nonsense, firefighter.

    Why? Do I even need to explain it? Most rewarding, exciting, challenging, and influential experience I could ever imagine having.
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    Nothing beats an Astronaut :laughing:
    But being a firefighter sounds amazing, i just lack the physical endurance haha
  5. "Farmer". Let's leave it at that. :D:smoking:
  6. Health coach 25/hr

    Got to sit down and talk for money
    Taught people how to excercise and diet
  7. I built floating boat docks one summer in High school. It was badass, I got strong as hell and worked on the water everyday! bossman bought me beer Everday on the ride home too and that was killer cause I was only 16!
  8. Better question is, who's making 6 figures annually?
  9. I worked in a hockey shop for 2 years and during the summer there would be no one so for 8 hours a day I would play WoW and I got paid $500 cash every Tuesday.
  10. Read the title as 'best blowjob you've ever had'
  11. I have lots of jobs. Some I liked some I hated but the one job that is also a hobbie of mine is I am a dance instructor. I do not do this primarily for a living just whenever I feel like it. It's the most rewarding and because dance is my passion I might as well get paid. This past winter/currently I am also a snowboard instructor at a local ski hill which I also love. I like getting paid for the things I love to do.

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