What's the best job you had?

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    I haven't really had jobs I've liked...between the people I've worked with, and the fact most jobs have just been "jobs" and I've never really followed a career path I was that interested in.

    I suppose...on interest? I worked in customer support/forum & gaming moderation for SCEE/Playstation in the first 3 years of the PS3. That was cool. Wank as fuck management that made me hate a lot of my time there though.

    In terms of "doing something good", I was a dispatcher with the RSPCA as well...though the place and how they do things bleeds hypocrisy, and...wasn't what I hoped it would be...

    In terms of fitness levels?
    Unloading shopping containers full of kitchenwear by hand. Lots of lifting. Got super fit...comparative to my normal self anyway...kinda ended up taking a bit of a toll on my already fucked back.

    There was also managing my own warehouse in a cable manufacturing plant.
    I basically manned a large temperature controlled store room for fibre that would end up going into NBN etc.
    I worked on my own, or with one other person.
    I got good at my job. The familiarity made it a breeze. I restructured the place to have it running much more efficiently by my standards. I trained people. I was a seconded fire warden.
    I'd say this semi-logistics role was probably also the job I was "best at", but...there was only so far you could move forward...and it got old...and nothing new came of it, so I left when I got another offer.

    I guess it comes down to "what would I do again"
    Office Relocations.
    Basically a removalist for big offices and banks and the like, even did some for large Police stations.
    You turn up, you're designated a sector/area, you go in, disassemble say someone's desk/work area, take apart any IT/Tech, label everything, crate and transport it in an organsied fashion, then re-assemble it all on the other side of the move.
    I got to work with a group of people that were for the better part tolerable.
    I didn't have to answer to any of the staff on site.
    Most of it was during the night.
    Different locations all the time, and a good amount of work.
    No expectation of full time, but you could do above and beyond if you so chose, plentiful as it needed to be.
    I got left alone.
    That's the most important thing to me. Leave me the fuck alone.
  2. I worked as a cook in a retirement home for two years...definitely my favorite job...my dish washer ended up becoming my best friend(at rhe time...when the time is right ill get in touch with him again)we had the same schedule...pm shift wed-fri and am shift sat n sun...

    Friday night after dinner we would prep everythung for the morning...on Saturday morning id wake up at like 4:30 am and go pick him up right around 5 am (he lived literally a 15 second drive from the facility we worked at.)we wojld pull in thru the exit of the parking lot withthe lights off and he would go sneak in amd clock us in while i packed a bowl...hed come out and we wojld blaze for like an hour to an hour and a half in the parking lot listening to music in my car on the clock lol...wed then go in and sneak into the kitchen and leave all the lights off while we got things ready so nobody bugged us lol.

    We got away with so much shit there it was kinda crazy...but when the bad hard drugs became priority in my life,it unfortunately showed and caught up with me and I lost that job...

    That is a period of time in my life that I truly miss and think about all the time...i made decent money,nothing great,but I loved it and had a great time beimg there.
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  3. Back when I was captain and commander of the parking lot
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  4. I worked in a powder coating factory, a small business it was. It was layed back and all i had to do was slip plastic sleeves over painted poles for fences and prep and load items/products for painting and remove items from the ovens, they had a few ops but i got big money for a simple job so i worked there a while then quit when i thought i could do better, turns out i couldn't. I want to go back.
  5. Short answer is yes. Yes I have. The long answer is: which one? Lol I’ve done a ton of cop drama shows, worked on the two most popular vampire shows of our time, between myself and my friends have worked with many well known actors and directors.
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  6. a guide at an air force museum, patrons thought me a hero
    real fun beautiful women, too much sex
    I was only 24yo and single back then

    then the place burnt down and they sold the planes to africa ..bummer
    Daily I thought I could spend the rest of my days here
    fucking dream job
  7. My Best Job was a Movie Theatre...iNever Last at any my Jobs tho because im with a Brain Injury an it interferes with Memory an stuff so Yea. I havnt Worked any where ina Few Years now because I just said Fkc it an get my Disability Money every Month instead.

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  8. Don't discount the fact that you're a full-time Mama! That's a hell of a job.
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  9. Oh Yes well then that is Definetly my Best Job is Being a Full Time Mother too 4 Beautiful Kids an Also a Wife to my Husband. Thank you AR I wasn't Thinking Lol.X3:oops:

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  10. i was hired to help program and install a scoreboard for a local middle school. it was pretty sweet, learned about an entire industry i didn't know.
  11. Redwood sawmill but I might be moving on to a state job with Caltrans. Benefits would be amazing and much easier on my body.
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    I have two favorite jobs both of which were in restaurants.

    My favorite job ever was coincidentally my very first job as well it was in, Fast-casual for a Mexican restaurant and I got hired after being on a T-Break for six months they hired me right on-the spot. I started work the very next day and the manager showed me around they gave me a tshirt and everything. I did everything from pressing the tortilla to making the food on the front line to doing salsas to ringing up the customers for drinks chips and overall their food. I also did prepwork, dishwashing, water runs, drinks station garbage and finally wound up working on the grill. The entire time I was being setup to be a manager. My favorite part was dealing with the customers.

    My second favorite job was working at a chicken joint. I did french fries and dishwashing at both the same time. I cleaned the back of the house and the front of the house. I did cashier and serving. I called out the orders and took name orders. I did ice and drinks. The soda machine was tricky. I did garbage and stocking the walk-in. This was my favorite job because me and all the boys working would all smoke weed in the back during our breaks and again after work was done. I was sober when I was hired for like three years but they told me, "[ I ] had to smoke weed" with them at work lol.
  13. Being king of the turtles.
  14. I was surprised anyone found mine funny or "agree"d with it lol, so I'll tell you what the job was.
    I was a cart attendant at Winco; that's where I got the title at. Best job ever because it was easy and I hate to sound like a fuckin boomer, but "it was just a different time", too.
  15. I was also a guide at an air museum (similar i guess just not the air force) I was a volunteer. Loved it, until I got arrested for (growing copious amounts of weed, that I had nothing to do with). Spent two months in jail, all charges dropped and never went back to work there. Damn I miss that p place! I used to get baked and pretend I was flying the big old DC3 and of course the fighter jets!

    Projected from my Asshole by the light that shines out of it!
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  16. I was a performer rennie.
    Me & the ex traveling all around the country, different characters for me, costume commissions for her. Surprisingly lucrative. Best weed this side of back-in-the-day Burning Man.

    I'd go back in a second if I could.
  17. I got one I completely forgot about, a call centre job...got fired for like swearing...once. Not even in a bad way. "Fuck yeah".
    But yknow, I was young and not yet aware of office bitch-ass-ness.
    It was definitely not this bullshit or the environment that made it one of "the best"

    Anyways, the job was this...I worked for a company that made educational reference material for teachers...I dunno exactly, like "learning packs" etc, you know, basically explains a topic thats part of a syllabus, puts pictures and activities in for the kids, something like that.

    What did I have to do?
    Call the school and talk to either subject/department heads, and get them to accept these.
    Only accept them. "Free trial" type thing, and at the end of a period they'd have to have sent them back or pay for them...the line was that basically we were giving schools a free look at the product...I guess I just worked out how to talk to them...I'd say that even if they gave me the stone-wall brush off line of being over budget, I'd say they were available year 'round and they always lined up with the standard syllabus, we just want to get some feedback from the teachers about how well they worked.

    Anyways, the thing about this job...is that while I wasn't technically selling anything it was pretty much sales oriented, and from what I understand something like 70% of what we sent out was never sent back within the designated timeframe so they either liked it, or they fucked up. I mean the feedback I got was always decent.

    So my job was literally - Here, take this for free.
    It was those stats they counted. Placements. Not even eventual sales.
    The thing was, their bonuses were nuts.
    Every week (I think I worked like 3 days a week, 6 hour shifts), I'd get paid.
    Something like $280. (It was like $15AUD per hour, this was like about 19 years ago).
    On top of that, I'd be literally making something like $400-$500 in bonuses.
    I was basically getting paid more than I'd have made at a normal full time job for a guy
    in his early 20's.
    Come to think of it I'd say that was a contributing factor to why I got shitcanned...the boss (f) had her mother working there who didn't seem to like me...she coasted, I actually performed well, and ran circles around most of the others...Had I been aware of my rights at the time I'd have fought it.

    Though yeah. Easy job. Made heaps of money doing not so much.
    Aside from my termination and the fact I was in a call centre...it was pretty solid.
  18. it was from a chick named Kristy, back at my apt. She knocked that out, we smoked & went to basketball game. Go Rebs!
    She knew how to tug on it
  19. I made a decent living from basically anything that has an OS and Hardware to be fixed or replaced! One time, my friend & I did a networking gig and never got paid...lol...right now, I want to learn new things like programming specifically love python and copywriting...If you did like to teach me any of the above kindly dm! I learn fast!!!

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