Whats The Best Jamican Herb?

Discussion in 'General' started by Zd420, May 14, 2010.

  1. Ive been wondering on wich Jamican Bud i should smoke, i want the best kind there is, Ands what would that best be?
  2. da high grade
  3. ...
    The one that grows from the ground.

    I'm positive you will not be able to have a selections of strains. You'll most likely come across a couple rasta black dudes with a big homegrown brick.

  4. So theres no Strains Brands or whatever of Jamican Buds?

    ask ur local black guy about it
  6. Maybe in a dispensary. Which are not in Jamaica. So, technically, no.

  7. Okay I searched it and i cant find any results :S
    Theres not very many black guys around here either and most of them are gay goodie goodies.
  8. There aren't many black guys on an island that is 91% black? Lol wtf?
  9. where the fuck do you live that most of the black guys are gay?

    n you should try the search as two words, i may be missing one word though

    i know it's some variation of

    Jumanji Buds
    or Marley purps

  10. I live in a really small town, and like there not gay gay, I meant the stupid kind of gay. Theres Deangelo and Tven who are black and there actully prety badass.

    Thanks Btw, your answer probably worked the best
  11. hahaha.:rolleyes:

    I meant in Jamaica... Which is where you would get Jamaican herb. Just grow your own. Find a spot.
  12. I hear they have good parsley.

  13. This,

    Being from the caribbean myself this is exactly how it is, unless you want a "WTF" look from the locals, don't go asking for strain names.

    Oh and there is lots of cess in the islands, hardly any hydro, be prepared for some cool ass highs
  14. np, i made all that shit up
  15. haha.

    As do almost all the "pot heads" that kids talk to.

  16. :laughing:

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