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whats the best inline fan?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by frOstd, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. i want something both quite and strong. looking for a 6" inline fan. i heard something about elicient..? but the two i know of, are the can fan and vortex. someone help..:cool:
  2. Get a quiet-rotating sealed ball bearing fan. You should spend 100-200US for a 4" and 150-300US for a 6". Don't skimp on the price, you get what you pay for. If its more expensive, there's probably a good reason. A fan like this can mean the difference between ok bud and great bud.

    Good Luck!
  3. I have one of these on order. I'll let you know how it is once I get it. It's not that expensive, and I was given a recommendation for it.
  4. Vortex makes a pretty good fan, I have one of their 4" and a 449cfm 6" both are fairly quiet, but I guess thats relative :-/
  5. As for Xero's fan, from what I hear, S&P fans are some of the quietest.

    Keep in mind, the bigger in diameter the fan is, the more you can dial it down and keep good airflow, and the more you dial it down, the quieter it is going to be.

    I'm getting a 10" CAN Maxfan. No idea as to the quietness of it. We shall see tomorrow when I get it.
  6. Based on what I've read, I'll be going with a couple of the S&P TD-Mixvent's, as I expect them to be strong and quiet. I'm upsizing a bit so I can add a speed controller and turn them down for less noise. I was told the S&P SC-15 controller didn't make any hum with the TD fans. Spendy though, it'll be $350 to my door for both fans and 2 controllers.
  7. Hey bro how did that fan setup work out for ya? I'm looking at the same line of fans and am hoping they are quiet. Here are some good prices on them too hXXp://www.industrialfansdirect.com/IND-FA-T-M.html
  8. I have an activeair 6" with a speed controller. I was able to reduce the wooshing with a bucket muffer (thanks smokintrichs) but when I would go upstairs from it, I could hear the vibration from it. I suspended it from a bungee cord and no more noise. If you are standing outside of the door to my room you still cant hear it, the dehumidifier on the other end of the basement is loud enough to drown out the slight air sound from the muffler.

    I have had my activeair running 24 hrs a day for over a year now. About 1/3 power in the winter and full strength in the summer and have experienced no added noise or failures. It doesn't even get hot.
  9. I love my eight inch Max Fans. Its smaller than most six inch inline fans. It isn't quite, but you could install a muffler.
  10. Definitely depends on how big of a room, how many lights, how hot it is there, etc. Some people get away with the weak inline duct booster fans. Others need serious cfm.

    I recently got a Tjernlund 6" High Performance blower for around $120. Holy crap! 500 cfm is a lot for a 12ft duct with 1 light! It's big, loud and ridiculously powerful. Kept the room super cool though. I just need to invest in the controller knob and a thermostat. :p
  11. tomorow ill be drilling some holes for my ventilation.

    if my box is only like 3'x1.5'x2'

    i should only need like a cheap inline fan and a home made carb.

    my grows in my sig if anyone feels like stopin by
  12. A room as small as that could get by with desk fans easy. Using both an intake and outtake fan will increase airflow and prevent mold and mildew
  13. on my grow atm im using two 4 inch hy-flow fans and they work well.

    but i still need to seal the cabinet, and i cant just keep stale air.

    so im gonna go get a 4" exhaust fan for ducting and then get some carbon.

    just gotta drill some big holes lol

  14. They seem to be good fans. They aren't exactly quiet, however. When using insulated duct and putting the fan in an insulated box hanging from bungees they're pretty tame, but just bolted to a cabinet wall with flexible duct they can be loud enough to be hard to talk over. I haven't been using the speed controller yet.
  15. My 6" inline fan can't fit when I try to make it pull
    It only fits so it pusshes.
    Can someone please help
  16. I spent 160$ on a 6'' hyper fan normally 200$ its very lights and very quite

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  17. I just got the max fan pro series and its great. Has a built in speed controller so u can use all 420 cfm, 379 or 291. it cost me 200 at a local shop and comes with a 5 year warranty.
  18. I just got the max fan pro series and its great. Has a built in speed controller so u can use all 420 cfm, 379 or 291. it cost me 200 at a local shop and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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