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Whats the best hydro setup

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Corn-dog, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. So what is the best hydro setup and why? Explain the pros and con of the system and why you like it so much.
  2. Well, I have done them all.
    DWC: its great as long as you don't have too many buckets. The biggest problem I've had with them is Leaks at the connection, and water temperatures getting too high. It does however need air pumps and water pumps

    Aeroponic: Probably the fastest, but watch out.... if power goes off for more than 15 minutes, you can kiss your girls good bye

    Ebb and Floww: simple with excellent results, and you should do well as long as you have the watering schedule right.

    Drip, a bit more complicated due to the feeding lines involved, but pretty well the same equipment used as Ebb and flow.

    The main difference between ebb and flow and drip, in my opinion, is the media used and the watering schedule, once you have them down, no problems such as leaks etc.

    What am I using? Ebb and flow in the veg room, drip in the flowering. No airlines needed
    Media used: Hydroton
  3. DRIP DRIP DRIP... Ive done DWC in the past but i have a realy hard time keeping my res temp low like how keylime stated... Drip takes a little more time to set up and sometimes is a bit more hassel, but so far its been good to me and I can complaine.

  4. I went from dirt to DWC and i'm never looking back. dont know which is the best, but for ease of use, this bubble bucket is very simple and very effective. it's got my vote till I try something else.
  5. NFT system ;)
  6. DWC incredible growth rates check my sig for proof of that lol.
  7. Bubble buckets ATW!!!
  8. I have only grown soil and DWC so of course I have to say DWC. It was easy to take care of, 6 plants one tub, 2 airstones 400 watts. Flushing was as easy as dumping it out in the bathtub. Perfect for closet growing in apartments.


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