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Whats the best homemade pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokerBroker, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Well I broke my piece and it will be around 3 weeks til I get a new one. I don't like joints, but I'll make a bong or pipe?
  2. google or youtube search how to make home made bong, i made a pretty decent one out of a pipe and a vitamin water bottle, you could always use an apple
  3. Homemade bongs are the best, just grab any sort of bottle, poke a hole in the side, stick a straw or some kind of stem in there, make a bowl out of something you have around the house (sockets, tin foil, etc) fill with water and light up. You can also make a apple pipe like hamiltonian said, those are quick and easy. Just google this stuff man, there are soooo many threads on cool homemade pieces, check out gravity bongs too.
  4. There was a thread yesterday about someone smoking out of a hot dog
  5. The bear shaped honey bottles always work nicely there lids can even be fitted with a hose if you have the inclination of something in that style. Just remember when working with the plastic heat works great to make holes just dont have your cutting tool to hot. If your have trouble finding a grommet type item to seal it electrical tape backwards taped to inside edge of hole you made works well.

    Good luck & happy toking.
  6. Bonus is you get munchie food.
  7. This sounds interesting I'll look into it
  8. Gravity bong and you'll be so ripped.
  9. Yup . Gravity bong , but use a glass bowl ... It'll just keep on milking.
  10. Actually thinking about it, if you carved a little bowl in the top and stuck a straw through the hotdog to create a hole, then froze the hotdog, it would be hard and provide a nice cold hit, just make sure the weed doesn't get wet as the hotdog thaws.

  11. I'm sorry but id rather use a soda can or something sucking on a hot dog just sounds kinda funky to me. I will admit I cannot argue with your cold hit logic if frozen but still.

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