whats the best hiding spot youve ever come up with?

Discussion in 'General' started by paranormality, May 19, 2006.

  1. whats the most sneaky, stealthy, smooth, james-bond style hiding spot you've ever come up with for your stash? i got busted the other week, so ive been pondering the perfect spot for a while.

    it hit me the other day. under the drivers-side console of my car there's a little white plastic shelf that im planning on sticking some velcro on, then putting the other side of the velcro on a metal tin and sticking it on there. that way i can get to my stash whenever i want without being suspicious, and i never even have to bring it in the house. plus i don't think it's a place the cops would think to look if i got pulled over. only thing im concerned about is that the heat might fuck with my weed or whatever else i was to put in there.

    so what's your most ingenious spot?
  2. best spot i have found inside my house would be my computer case, but in a car maybe putting inside the fuse box area under the dash if it would fit would be good cause half the time you cant see them and it would be something a cop would probably over look, you know the fuse panel i dont know get creative
  3. Man I'm getting tired of all these stash threads
  4. sorry, was just trying to strike up some fun conversation :(
  5. Yeah theres a lot of them right now, there's always a few hot topics of the week for threads, then a few new ones come along and get spammed out as well. I've got to agree with the computer stuff, no one goes into my computer case/monitor so I just stick my bubbler, spoons, weed, and everything else that I don't want anyone to find in there. ;)
  6. Most awesome spot to hide stuff in your car. You can be like me and hide it in ur dome light on the ceiling of ur car but not where the light bulb is. Most dome lights pry off easily so u can replace the wires in case they fray or what not . At least in my car when u take the dome light off there is a nice space up there. One time i got pulled over and i had about a 1/4 and a glass spoon hidden up there. Purdy sweet place if i do say so myself.

  7. sweet idea! that didn't even cross my mind. i'll definitely have to check and see if mine comes off. thanks for the tip man, +rep :D
  8. Wow, that's great! It's got to come off, obviously, to replace the bulbs. Where exactly do you stick the goods?
  9. the problem with the dome light is if you keep the light on too long, it may get really hot and start heating up the weed and releasing the smell
  10. The lights are only on when you turn them on or open the doors, though. =\
  11. the thing im wondering about with the light thing is - wouldnt the shadow of aforementioned weed/pipes be really obvious when you turn the light on? i imagine solid objects would sort of block the bulb.
  12. just take the light out
  13. The objects were to be placed in the area above where the bulb was I thought so it would allow the light to shine down freely.
  14. i used to keep mine in my computer case but now i dont really care and keep all my shit in a padded bag in my drawer lol
  15. Not where the light bulb is i dont know about u guys but i dont have a huge dome on my light up where the wires come and connect to the light itself. Teckno got it right kudos to you i know i dont explain things good i wish i had a camera to show u guys but iam at work and i dont think that they would like that idea lol
  16. Little crack in floorboard in crawlspace beside room... In the space between my room and the roof (I could have an entire harvest up there)... In the bottom of my toolbox... And inside my speaker.
  17. Broken vent in my room. Dark and about 3 feet deep. I suppose any vent might work if you would just like triple bag it so that it doesnt smell when air comes blowing through.

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