whats the best growlight money can buy

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  1. is it HPS, MH, T5's, CFL's, LED purple or UV and UVA

    i have a 400wHPS but would like to know if there's anything better i could get
  2. Really depends IMO.

    Is heating/cooling a concern? If so, stay away from huge HOS systems. If not, it's probably the cheapest way to get a ton of light.

    I personally enjoy LED's because they make very little heat, so i barely do anything besides water/look at my plants. No messing with AC units or anything else.

    I currently have two 500w Blackstar LED's which are bitchin
  3. 1000 or 600 watt 240 volt HPS or MH BADASS ballast, with Ushio bulbs.
  4. some where i have read that CFL's LED and T5's are ok but just not as good as HPS or MH bulbs i never hear about UV or UVA UV comes from the sun so i cant work out why they not popular

    i thought id jump in with HPS wasnt thinking of the heat issues i was going to have but now ive got the heat issues which i dont like at all im looking for some lights that will give me a decent yeild without the heat issues

    a few questions about your LED:
    what kind of yeild do you get from LED???
    what light setting would i need is it 24/0 or just 18/6 then 12/12???
    does your light use alot of electric???
    do you have a web link for your light???
  5. in terms of yield i would say a 1000W HPS,
    but the LEDs from good manufacturers such as GLH produce danker bud
  6. I got an off brand 1000 watt from Amazon for only $300 after S&H. It;s a great light. Air tight glass panel, 6 in flanges built in, and a switchable ballast. MH, or HPS. Also came with light hangers, and a nice timer. My recommendation to anyone who can handle the heat of a 1000 watt. Also came with 1 hps, and 1 mh bulb.
  7. whats UV or UVA like are they any good
  8. Use 2 600 watt hps instead of 1 1000. I also use led as a supplemental light with my 2 600

  9. Yes two 600's are a lot better than one 1000 any day of the week. Thats the best. Multiple points of light rule. I like BADASS ballasts cause they are low frequency.

    The 1500 watt light aint that good, bulb don't last and the heat is insane.
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  11. this. I would say 600w HPS lights are the best. when you need more, add another light

    HPS/MH ballasts are the best, using MH to veg, anf HPS to flower.

    although I use HPS through my entire grow, and have amazing results
  12. Here's what you wanna do, 2 600w HPS with a Plasma light in between. HPS will give you quantity, Plasma will give you quality.

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