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Whats the best grinder from GC?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Xavizard, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. This is going to be my first grinder, EVER!
    But im looking for a cheap one, not over $25
    But with the screen and a good quality one.
    Any sugestions from the experts?

  2. I got a small grinder i got off eBay. It's a 4 piece, aluminum, does its job.

    I'll sell it to you for $5 + S/H.

    And if you dont want it, try eBay. Cant find a good (aluminum or metal) on GC for under $25. I wouldnt buy a plastic or wood one, myself.
  3. def spend the extra money.. get a keif catcher one.. and be glad
  4. get a space case, with a keif collector they are the best ones out there
  5. get a cheap coffee grinder from walmart... i got mine for $9 (canadian) + tax... and it came out to about $10.50

    the thc trichomes (crystals) stay in the top and you can easily scrape and collect it

    it's so fast too! also if you blaze on the go, just pre-grind it at home
  6. Although I like the coffee grinder idea(I haven't actually tried one but they seem cheap, fast, and easy) I really like my small metal grinder. It was $25 CDN and feels far more substantial and robust than the plastic one I had.

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