What's the best fert

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kvothe420, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Whats the fert that I can give my plants that I can buy at walmart or home depot?

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  2. mirical grow!

  3. That will work about as well as your spelling.:rolleyes:

    Jack's Classic is usually available.

  4. well i dont know what they sell in wall mart (asda uk) i use holland secret and a rang of canna aditives

    sorry my spelling not up to scratch we are not all perfect (wet)

    but my growing is down to a t!

    how about yours
  5. lullllzzzz....

  6. LOL, Ok, I apologize for being the spelling nazi, but there was also a point there.

    Miracle Grow will work, but really isn't 'up to scratch'.

    Jack's Classic is at the same price point as MG and uses much higher quality ingredients. So is Dyna-Gro, but that isn't as available in the 'big box' stores. Both are widely used by commercial greenhouses, people who demand the highest quality at an affordable price point. That's why Jack's is available in 25# bags and Dyna-Gro in 55gal drums.

    I've used Jack's for well over 30 yrs and Dyna-Gro for about 1/2 that long. I had my own orchid business a few years back, until a hurricane relocated it to somewhere in the Everglades.:eek:

    Yeah, my growing is ok. Still figuring out indoors though, that and organics is a big learning curve.:confused_2::ey:

    I'm not down on low cost nutes, just low quality nutes and you don't need to spend $30/qt, or more, to get good quality.

  7. i was organic when i started bio bizz range then i changed to canna for soil now am on with a bubble grow im on holand secret with aditives

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