whats the best cheapest soil mix?

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    whats the best cheapest soil mix i can do? heard bat guano was good to add, but what else..
  2. If I was you I would goto the organic section. Look up soil amendments. Enough info there to keep ya reading awhile. Lol. Plus side to the organics is you don't even need to use ferts after you mix your soil. I made the change about a year ago. Amazed how easy and cheap it is, plus ii have so much more free time.
  3. Do you want the best or cheapest? Organic soil recipes are great but involve buying multiple components and making a batch of soil. Fox farm and roots organic soil work well but are pricey. The cheapest way out is a bag from your local box store, but most soil they sell is horrible in my opinion.
  4. Cheapest that would work is... miracle grow. Its tough to say, but even the old timers at the dispencary admit they used it about 15 yrs ago before they were exposed to fox farm. It was something with a blue packaging or mix he told me and with that soil and just water took him from start to finish and his buds were just as good. He said he'd use it again as a cheaper alternative to ffof he uses, but that if anyone heard they wouldn't take him serious. The problem with MG is that people want to use other nutes and mixes with it. But apperently with just that you can grow quality bud. He's a professional grower for over 40 years so just some food for thought. After he told that to me I was almost tempted to try a batch and test it, but decided against it.
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    This is not good advice because Miracle Grow is both terrible AND expensive. A person can easily make their own soil-less or organic mix for far cheaper than the equivalent volume of Miracle Crap. Go look in the Plant Problems section and see the high %of people in there that have grows going horribly wrong due to using Miracle Grow, and see if you would want to knowingly use a terrible and expensive medium.

    There's a lot of recipes on here, but a simple soil-less mix can me made using 50% Peat/Sphagnum Moss and 50% perlite along with a little dolomite lime and worm castings (if desired). This effective mix is very easily made with things commonly found in every garden center, and only costs a fraction of price of Miracle Grow...cannabis plants LOVE this simple mix, and it is a very easy, and affordable mix for beginners to work with.
  6. I used MG on my first grow and the soil is "do-able," but it sucks because the soil feels kind of like black clay like when it's wet, so you end up using more perlite to balance it out. MG Organic mix was around $8 bucks, MG perlite was $7, so $15 total and you would have to do like a 35/65 mix of perlite/soil.

    My local garden store sells the FFoF for $20, which is just $5 more than MG soil + MG perlite. So I stopped using that all together and only use FFoF which has perlite in it, but I also add 20% of perlite (no additives in it).

    The worst part for me was always asking myself "should I add nutes?" because I know it's time, but those damn time release nutes throws me off and then it'll get burned - which results in frequent flushing. I was doing Nirvana reg indoor mix and the plant was healthy and all, but the plant using MG soil always had good days and bad days while the FFoF plant was always thriving showing those neon green new growths on the leaves.

    The plant on the left of this picture was my first plant actually. I was too noob to know, so I just let a reg seed veg out for 2 months and then it turned out to be a male. MG Organic mix, MG Perlite, FF trio nutes (Soil + perlite has time release nutes)

    But all in all though, the growth I was getting was about the same as my FFoF, but it was just a little bit more sensitive and flushed a lot due to nute burn was hit or miss for me. MG is pretty pricy imo and for just a few bucks more, I can get FFoF or FF Happy Frog.

  7. The best of the cheapest IMO is Happy Frog. Its $15 in my area, for 2 cu ft, add 5 gal perlite and you've got almost 3 cu ft for about $20... $7/cu ft for a very good soil. Grew me some nice plants like that.

    If you're looking for something that will do well by itself, straight from the bag, then it gets expensive. Roots Organic and Ocean Forest are great out of the bag, but I still add to them.
  8. So theres dirt that will do good by itself with no nutes?

  9. Yes, it's called a supersoil, water only from seed to harvest. You pack an organic soil with a lot of nutrients, then let them cycle for a month or two before using it so your plants don't burn. After that the plant takes what it needs out of the soil. Never have to check ph, never have to flush. Just water them :smoke:

    Check out the organics forum.
  10. must research!!
  11. fox farms, no need to read anything else or shop around. go get a bag of ocean forest and some extra perlite and dolomite lime and your good to go. no guess work no fuss.
  12. I use happy frog myself. Great for seedings or transplanting clones. Even npk so no real need for grow nutes. I dont use them at all, just bloom. Also has beneficial rooting properties already inside.
  13. i think im gonna try 50/50 happy frog/ocean forest next run, i have heard great things about mixing the two.
  14. i have been reading FFOF has went downhill quality wise, not true?
  15. on my previous grow attempts MG organic potting soil w/o slow release nutes killed off my seedlings before i even got half way through veg.

    this is what an extra 10$ for FFoF got me:

  16. I have more issue starting plants in OF than with happy frog. Never a problem transplanting to OF though.
  17. perhaps that is why 1/4 of my plants(one in the photo) was always a mutant, dark green leaves and some eagle claw. the other 3 plants loved the OF mix, next time around i will be mixing happy frog and OF 50/50 especially since i now have ordered genetics instead of bagseed.

    perhaps my little blueberry runt had some ruderalis in its genetics and that caused it to be a mutant, since it started blooming in 24/0 6500k lighting, and i mean full on blooming not just showing sex a full 2 weeks before i moved all 4 plants to the bloom tent and 12/12.
  18. Yeah darker leaves is too much nitro. Will result in weak branches too.

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