Whats the best budget Vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by the_tobzster, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,
    So I am looking into purchasing a Vape at some point as my asthma is having a bit of a hard time dealing with joints and bowls. I have been looking at these vaporizer 'pens' but not sure how reliable they are and if they even technically vaporizer the herb.
    I saw a very promising vape pen not too long ago around here on GC and I can't find it anywhere, had a good stylish look and was very cheap.
    Not looking to spend anymore than £20 - 40 ($40 - 60), any thoughts??

  2. VaporGenie.
  3. Magic flight launch box. You can get the kit for ~$75.
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    No2 is dummy proof since it has a digital temp selection and reading, and an auto shutoff of the heating element at 20minutes in case you zone out and forget lol. Even after those 20 it won't be burned if you didn't crank it too high either. $80 on eBay new fresh in the box. Over $150 from some website vendors.
  5. I'd second the MFLB - I got mine like new (never used, but unboxed) on ebay for $60.
  6. Vapulation 2.0
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    Yeah, the Vap 2.0 is probably the best deal in the vaporizer market right now, but it's almost double what he wants to spend.
  8. I second Vapor Genie, cheaper than the MFLB and the NO2, and you get much thicker hits because of the convection heating.
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    Vaponic. Almost no learning curve compared to other vapes, no combusting even on the first try. Vapes to a medium brown repeatably. Very stealthy and portable. I have several electric vapes and i prefer this. You are not inhaling when heating, so no butane combustion prpducts inhaled. This is almost entirely convection, you are heating the glass, and air is heated as it flows past the heated sectipn before going through the bowl area. after a couple hits it cools off in a couple minutes. A caveat is that for a minute it is hot, and its made of glass so probably isnt a good idea to use in a drinking party situation. This thing rocks.

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