Whats The Best Bong For My Lifestyle?

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    Hey guys, I was thinking of getting a new bong. Im not sure what size i want though. I smoke pretty much every weekend (secretly in my parents home) with my 2 footer. It's pretty pain in the ass due to the fact that i have to empty two chambers (tree perc, and bottom perc). What would be the best size for a daily toker and what perc is the easiest to clean, yet the smoothest to hit? 
    I need to know ASAP!  Need some recommendations ;)

  2. Id recommend a straight tube with something like a honeycomb or shower head. Two smoothest perc/diffusers ive hit. And as long as its a single perc itll be easy to clean
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    Or a inline/stemline

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  4. First off, get a stemless. They allow more complex percs and have less pieces to clean and possibly break.
    I would go for a piece that is about 12-17" or 18", cuz anymore than that and its hard to hit due to size.
    And for percs I would look at sgw waffle, sov stemline/gline/kingline, efs donut, apix stemline,... Shit like that.
    All of those are stemless single chambers, they will be the easiest to clean and yet will still perform well.
  5. all the guys above me made great recommendations but since you have to sneak around your parents i would say to get a straight tube anywhere between 12" - 18". Theyre relatively easy to hide and you wont spend alot if god forbid your parents take it away

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  6. You could always get a glass on glass. Bong and then that allows you to also buy perc add ons so it's easy to clean your bong and if you want a perc you can use it and then if you wana hit it without one you can. I also heard diffuser beads give smooth hits but never used them and have no idea if they are actually good or not.
  7. Blunts

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  8. SGW waffle v2 or jr would be a nice idea. Or a beaker/straight tube from SSFG since they are mini.
  9. I had a nine inch grav labs nano cause I had to hide it every night but they come in up to 16 I had stemless with a honeycomb perc and it was so smooth and it was a nice hit very much flavor but it got found an broke

    Rip the graviton 4/18/14 :,(

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    -make sure you purchase glass on glass

    -dont ever go for cheap chinese tree percs

    -get a piece thats at least 12"

    -multiple percs suck

    do some research on percs and such and find one you like. remember you want the least amount of drag through your bong. stemless perc bongs give you drag free hits. plain straight tubes give you dragless hits as well.

    anything fancy and your using more lung power to clear the the chamber.
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    Id recommend a cheaper, stemless piece. Since your parents don't know you smoke you probably don't want to spend over 150$ just incase..nothings worse than the ganja gestapo smashing your shit.

    These are some cheaper pieces (aqua, cheech, hoss etc, ) that offer a smooth toke while being fairly concealable. None of these pieces are more than 125$.

    The piece on the left is roughly a foot for references

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  12. Stemless for sure. Mines 16". Was about two hundred at a LHS ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1398266399.587078.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1398266476.889425.jpg

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  13. As others have said, I'd highly recommend going with a stemless, glass on glass bong. It will spoil you and won't want to go back!
    I'm a fan of honeycomb percs, and you might be too. Smooth hitting, hard to break, and (relatively) easy to clean :smoke:
  14. I've always preferred stem to stem less I like being able to get different diffusers to see which ones i like

    Who Dat!

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