Whats the best bong for $250 or less?

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  1. Ive got some extra cash right now and wanna get a first sick tube. i was looking at the 5mm illys, sheldon blacks, and lux mini. what else can i get for that price range?
  2. The brands you listed were pretty good, and for 250 you would deff get a solid tube. just go to a nice shop near you and talk them down as much as possible on what you like the most.

    I don't recommend fucking with that double perc china crap
  3. $210

  4. ^ Agreed, but it depends on what you're looking for, there isn't a BEST bong for the price, it's all a matter of opinion.
  5. I agree with Fondler's post....

    you could also just get a plain tube.. like a straight or beaker.. and then get a diffy and a nice slide or something... maybe an A/C

  6. Merlin 5.0 Super Bong Icemaster 18.8 Bistabil


    By the three-way filtering (2x water, 1x ICE) is substantially cool and thus more pleasant the smoke in the lung.

    The Merlin 5,0 Superbong, is a hand-made and Bong very stable due to your wall thickness.
    It orders a Icemaster and a approx. 13 mm large carbe - hole, when desired also without carbe - hole.
    The Merlin 5,0 Superbong comes with 1 Diffusor down-tube and a diffuser ash - catcher system into 5.0mm wall thickness!!!
    100% seal cross sections from the Vaccumtechnik!!!
    Each Merlin actual hand-made - no mass production
    This improvement of our quality standard provides for still more joy already.

    - Bistatbil - 52 % more mass at the lateral 18.8 sharpened at the Pipe

    That means, the used cross section is more wall thicknes and has one around 52 % increased mass.
    The bistabile execution increases thus considerably stability in this important place.
    This improvement of our quality standard provides for still more joy already.

    - Glass : Schott Duran
    - High : ~ 60 cm
    - Diameter : 50 mm
    - Wall thicknes : 5.0 mm

    - Icemaster
    - Diffusor Chillum - down-tube : 18.8
    - Diffusor ash catcher system 18.8 - 5.0mm Wall thicknes : 5.0 mm - 3 parts inc. blue anti roll !

    - 5 parts system

    Carbe Hole : select

    Merlin-Bong - Merlin 5.0 Super Bong Icemaster 18.8 Bistabil


  7. your sir are a fucking moron , its not china , get a clue....../threadfail
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    yeah im pretty sure he buys his tubing from a US manufacturer and i think he is european... so its not chinese per say

    but its still no where near the quality of what he listed.. and if your gonna spend 250 bucks on anything weedstar... i wish i could be there to slap you in the face:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  9. I would go with a syn showercap like fondler suggested.

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